Oncoplasty in Conservative Treatment


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Mastology Day

Conferences and guests:

"From Radical Mastectomy to Radical Conservation: The Evolution of Extreme Oncoplasty"

Conference led by:

Dr. Melvin J. Silverstein M.D. Gross Family Foundation Endowed Chair in Oncoplastic Surgery. Director Hoag Breast Program, Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian. Newport Beach, California. Clinical Professor of Surgery, Keck School of Medicine. University of Southern California. Los Angeles California.

"Oncoplastic surgery in the conservative treatment of breast cancer"

Conference led by:

Dr. Juan Luis Uriburu Head of the Mastology Service. British Hospital of Buenos Aires. President of the Argentine Mastology Society.   General coordination:

Dr. Carlitos Arévalo, Head of the Mastology Unit of the British Hospital

Dr. Juan Cossa, Mastology Unit British Hospital   Addressed to: Mastologists, Surgeons, Plastic Surgeons, Oncologists, Doctors and Gynecologists.

Supports: Uruguayan Society of Mastology   DATE: 15th of August

AT: 11:00 am.

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Documents to download:

• Conference on Mastology. Oncoplasty in Conservative Treatment.pdf

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