Gynecologic Ateneus

19th of April, 7:30 pm

British Hospital Auditorium
Morales Polyclinic
Morales 2578, 3rd Floor

Gynecologic Ateneus 2016- Fiftteenth year of Weekly Gynecologic Ateneus Presentation: Lower Genital Tract a. Project- Lower Genital Tract Polyclinic b. Clinical Cases - Vulva ulcers Presentation of the subject by: Dr. Gloria Hobinchet and Dr.Luciana Bertolino Working project “Vitamin D in Pregnancy "by Dr. Juan Alves and Dr. Santiago Varela Presentation “Gynecological Polyclinic Statistics 2015 "by Prof. Agdo. Juan C. Scasso Information a. Patient´s Safety b. MSP regulations Tubal Sterilization Target audience: Residents of the specialty and staff Gynecologists in the British Hospital.

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