Updates in Hematology: Non-Hodgkin Lymphomas B, diagnostic and therapeutic update

14th and 15th of November from 8:00 am to 12:30 pm.

British Hospital Auditorium
Morales Polyclinic
Morales 2578, 3rd Floor

Lecturers and foreign guests: Dr. Claudia Gómes. Syrian-Lebanese Hospital. Sao Paulo Brazil. Dr. Armando López Guillermo. Clinic Hospital, Barcelona, Spain. Dr. Gustavo Jarchum. Sanatorium Allende, Cordoba, Argentina. Dr. Jorge Milone. Italian Hospital, La Plata, Argentina. Dr. Leticia Quintanilla-Fend. Tubingen University, Germany. National Panelists: Dr. Gonzalo Ardao, Dr. Gabriel Borelli, Dr. Julio Carzoglio, Dr. Cecilia Guillermo, Dr. Gabriela De Galvez, Dr. Carina Di Matteo, Dr. Gabriela Gualco, Dr. Virginia Ortega. Table coordinator: Dr. Carolina Oliver. Coordinators: Dr. Pablo Muxí, Dr.Sebastian Galeano. Enrolments by email: hematologia@hospitalbritanico.org.uy   Activity free of charge, limited places available (80).  

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