One more step aiming for excellence

Diario EL PAIS

The British Hospital creates a new Medicine Department to improve the health assistance for members. Supported by high levels of satisfaction and the confidence of its´members and users, the British Hospital goes forward with an ambitious proyect in which the main goal consists in the creation of a Medicine Department that will represent a quality growth in the health services the Hospital provides. Under the leadership of doctors and professors Washington Vignolo and Jorge Facal, the creation of the Medicine Department was the result of a long and meticulous process of analysis, aimed to continue assuring members of the British Hospital the high standards of medical care that have positioned the Hospital as a reference institution in the country and in the region. The British Hospital leads the whole health area in terms of satisfaction, fidelity and recommendation, according to the report results of the edition of 2017 on the Survey of Satisfaction with Services on the First Level of Care of the Ministry of Public Health. The British Hospital obtained the maximum consideration of the system over the rest private health institutions, "mutualistas" and ASSE in global satisfaction, which includes all the aspects evaluated in the survey; regarding fidelity, an indicator that refers to the decision to continue choosing the same institution; and regarding recommendation, which reflects the willingness to recommend a friend or a relative to take care of their health in this one. It has also received the best indicators of the system on overall satisfaction: 9.25; on satisfaction as a percentage of members who said they were very satisfied or satisfied with their institution: 97.5; on fidelity: 98.6; and on recommendation: 98.9. Added to this, is the assessment for the availability of agenda for medical consultations, for the short waiting time between the demand for a medical appointment, its assignment and specificity, for the ease of procedures and formalities, for the medical treatment and of the treatment of administrative and nursing staff, and for the cleanliness, comfort, signage and lighting of its facilities. Committed to excellence, the British Hospital created then the Department of Medicine and moves forward to the construction of a new building which was created and designed according to its purpose to advance in the new ways of assistance based on team work and on the multidisciplinary approach of the professional care that provides to its members and users. The development of new infrastructure, designed to support this vision with the generation of scientific knowledge that supports the premium medical care which provided to its members, is an institutional policy promoted by the Hospital´s General Management. In addition to this, in the last few months was made the decision that different specialties will work in a more integrated way, in a process led by the new Medicine Department. The interdisciplinary discussion of cases, the clinical athenaeums and other modalities of multidisciplinarity, combine a new way of medicine for the benefit of members, which will result in very high quality assistance. The new building on Morales Street will provide an area destined to medical exchange, the interconsultation of professionals, the performance of athenaeums and clinical rounds, as well as spaces where the most complex cases will be presented for analysis.

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