Cutting-edge technology

First robotic surgery centre in the country

A very successful ROBOTIC UROLOGIC SURGERY project is being developed under the direction of Prof. Dr Fernando Abarzúa, medical instructor of the Hartford Hospital in Connecticut, USA.

The project started in 2012 and has already achieved a hundred urologic surgeries with great success and within international standards.

One of the big steps forward in minimally invasive surgery is robotic surgery or robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery.

The surgery is carried out by a surgeon through a robotic arm device that controls the camera and the instruments inserted inside the patient’s body.

The surgeon’s vision is magnified 10 times and the precision of the movements that simulate the human hand make it a safe and precise procedure.

Its application has been extended to several branches of surgery including urology, general surgery, gynaecology, cardiac surgery and otorhinolaryngology.

Our Robotic Surgeons are:

Dr. Fernando Abarzúa

Dr. Roberto Puente

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Prostate surgery
Prostate cancer is a common condition in adult males. There are several surgical solutions available.
Robotic surgery in the control of localised prostate cancer has become the first-line treatment in countries such as the United States where approximately 90% are operated with the use of a robot.
Recent studies show that the use of this technology improves cancer and functional control.
Kidney surgery
Kidney tumours can be treated with radical surgery, which involves completely removing the kidney, or partial surgery where the organ is preserved and only the area​ with the tumour is removed. This will depend on the size of the tumour.
The treatment chosen will be determined by the size and location of the tumour. Robotic surgery is also widely used in this field and has become one of the valid surgical options both from the oncological and functional points of view.
It is also used in benign pathologies such as strictures of the ureteropelvic junction.
Bladder surgery
Some tumours in the bladder (a reservoir for urine) sometimes need to be treated with radical procedures in which the entire bladder must be removed.
Traditionally this procedure was carried out through open surgery, but thanks to robotic technology it can now be safely and effectively carried out.