We encourage blood donation

Stock of blood needed to cover demand

The British Hospital has a Department of Transfusion Medicine that manages the blood stocks necessary to cover the internal demand of its patients.

Prior to each surgery or treatment, the Admission Department will request that the family of the patient to be hospitalised submit a number of donors sufficient to cover the demand of blood stock to be replaced. It is important to be able to comply with this request so that the treatment can be carried out without problems.

Donors Club

The Department of Transfusion Medicine at the British Hospital encourages the voluntary blood donation of its members in order to avoid having to find donors at the last minute.

Through the Donors Club, those who donate blood once a year receive a benefit. The donor and three members of his/her family will obtain the necessary blood volumes when needed for surgery, accident or treatments.

In the event of major surgery, you can consult the haematologist about the possibility of self-transfusion.

For more details: Department of Transfusion Medicine. Ext. 4235

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