Get to know us

Board of Governors

Mr. Christopher Golby
Vice President
Mr. Paul Beare
Deputy Vice President
Mr. Winston Willans
Mr. Andrew Cooper
Sr. Francis Raquet
Deputy Secretary
Ms. Christine Ann Sarkis
Deputy Treasurer
Mr. Robert Linn


Managing Director
Cr. Walter D. Pereyra MBE
Administrative Manager
Cr. Jorge Valente
Medical Director
Dr Mabel Mutarelli
Lic. Mónica Giménez
Lic. Silvia Mosegui
Human Resources Manager
Lic. Ricardo Parpal
Customer Services & Hospital Scheme Manager
Lic. Ps. Sandra Bogado
Housekeeping Manager
Mrs. Marta Varela
Maintenance Manager
Ing. Diego Arena
IT Manager
Ing. Esteban Aliaga

Directors of Medical Services

Intensive Care Unit (Adults)
Dr Eduardo Amigo
Department of Paediatrics
Dr Gonzalo Etcheverry
Dr Catalina Pirez
Intensive Care Unit (Peadiatrics and Neonatal)
Asst. Prof. Dr Silvana Mercado
Dr Irene Rodríguez
Surgical Centre
Asst. Prof. Dr Patrick Lyford Pike
Clinical Laboratory
Dr Mercedes Menéndez
Radiology Department
Prof. Dr Nelson Di Trapani
Dr Gizzella Rettich
Magnetic Resonance
Dr Cono Santi
Transfusion Medicine
Dr Lourdes Viano
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Asst. Prof. Dr Martha Arriola
Emergency Department (A&E) (Adults)
Asst. Prof. Dr Selva Romero
Emergency Department (A&E) (Paediatrics)
Assoc. Prof. Dr Patricia Dall'Orso

Support Services

Pharmaceutical Chemist Lucía Castellanos
Department of Nutrition and Diet Therapy
Dietitian Alejandra Amestoy
Catering Services
Chef Adrián Parrilla