Private patients

Access to the list of healthcare professionals and a wide range of services and infrastructure.

The British Hospital has always been an open hospital, offering its entire list of healthcare professionals, a wide range of services and infrastructure to private patients and to British Hospital Scheme members.

For this reason, private patients can book an appointment with any healthcare professional on the Hospital’s list and use the services privately or with an international insurance plan.

Medical and administrative staff speak English perfectly to help passengers in transit and foreigners to receive the medical care they require.

Outpatient services

Medical consultations

To book an appointment with any healthcare professional on the Hospital’s list, please contact the call centre Appointment Department (Tel. 2 487 10 20, ext. 2740). The registration will be available for future appointments.

Paraclinical Tests

For paraclinical tests, you must take the doctor's order with you directly to the corresponding department (Laboratory, Imaging, Endoscopy, etc.), in order to receive instructions on how to prepare for the test.

Accident and Emergency Service (A&E)

The Accident and Emergency Service at the British Hospital is also available to private patients who wish to use it. Those who wish to use this Service in an emergency must go directly to the Emergency Department (A&E), where they will be given the instructions on how to get the emergency care required.

Documents to download:

- Quick Guide for Private Patients Requiring Emergency Care

Admission to hospital

To arrange an inpatient stay ordered by a doctor (whether or not on the Hospital’s list of health professionals), please go to the Patient Admission Department to make the corresponding reservation and be given the specific conditions for each case.

Documents to download:

- Private Patients Admission Guide