To bear in mind

Important information

The following documentation serves as a guide so that patients may clearly understand the procedures and preparations that must be followed according to the type of test(s) to be carried out.

Laboratory tests

Tips to bear in mind:

Follow the indications prior to the test (e.g. fasting) because if not properly followed the test results may be altered.

It is important to rest beforehand since tiredness and stress can alter the test results.

If you are taking medication, please let the staff know at the blood collection rooms.

Refrain from alcoholic drinks or smoking before the test.

Turn up dressed in loose and comfortable clothes to help the blood extraction procedure.

For most blood tests an 8-hour fasting is required. However, when testing lipids (cholesterol, triglycerides, etc.) a 10-hour fasting is required.

You can only drink water during this time.

For routine urinary tests, the first morning sample is required.

- Catecholamines in blood
- Urinary catecholamines
- Clearance
- Glycaemia / insulin curve
- 24-hour urine
- Minute urine
- Oxyurids
- Urine culture
- Van de Kamer
- Prostate-specific antigen


- Ergometry
- Holter
- Exercise stress echocardiography
- Pharmacologic Stress echocardiography
- Pharmacologic Stress echocardiography
- Transesophageal echocardiogram

Magnetic resonance

- Abdominal Magnetic Resonance
- MRI with anaesthesia
- Magnetic resonance cholangiography


- Ultrasound

Transfusion Medicine

- Blood donation
- Blood Donation Apheresis