Since 1985

The Haematology Unit was created by Professor Dr Roberto De Bellis

LSQA Hematología

It was conceived as an isolation area with laminar flow focused on bone marrow transplant.

The unit performed the first autologous transplant of the continent and the first allogenic transplant of Uruguay.

Since then, more than 500 transplants have been made in the Unit with results comparable to international standards.

Currently, the Unit is under the direction of Prof. Dr Pablo Muxi and operates with two laminar flow units which were reconditioned in recent years.

It receives patients admitted for bone marrow transplant who are then monitored by doctors twice daily to check on their progress and give them indications.

The entire interdisciplinary team holds regular meetings to assess patients' condition.

All patients are monitored on their progress, even if they continue their care at their own healthcare centre. The unit has the LQSA quality certification and is an authorised centre of the National Resources Fund (FNR).