Birthing Rooms

A modern concept of giving birth

Maternity is a very important area within our services. We are the first institution that has Birthing Rooms available, a service which we started 20 years ago.

This modern concept of giving birth has a beneficial effect on our healthcare because of the caring and kind qualities it offers.

The 4 Birthing Rooms are equipped with safe state-of-the-art technology and together with the Neonatal Unit and the Operating Theatre for C-sections, offer a comprehensive range of services in maternity care.

We have a team of recognised professionals in both obstetrics, surgery and critical care for the newborn.

All team members undergo continuous professional training, attend ongoing medical Grand Rounds on best healthcare practices and perform interdisciplinary work (lactation, psychology, psychiatry, childbirth and postpartum classes, diet therapy, treating doctors, geneticist, and specialists in pregnancy pathologies).

The modern and spacious rooms, which are private (except for other healthcare plans), are the ideal place to care for the newborn and have all the support and caring qualities that distinguish us.

Newborn Baby:

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