Healthcare for travellers

International Insurance Plans and Travel Insurance networks

We set the country’s standard in the care provided to patients of International Insurance Plans and Travel Insurance networks, and have gained a lot of experience in the management and support provided to these patients.

Access to services is done as indicated under the heading “Coordination of services” and by following the instructions below on managing expenses:

Outpatient Expenses

They must be paid by the patient who can then apply for a refund to the Insurance provider.

Inpatient Expenses

With the prior management and authorisation of the Insurance (GOP - guarantee of payment), the British Hospital will charge these expenses directly to the Insurance provider.

Some of the International Insurance providers we regularly work with are:

Allianz Worldwide Care
ASA (Assistance Services of the Americas)
Best doctors
Cigna Internacional
Euro Center/DKV
Europe Assistance
HTH worldwide
Inter Mutuelles Assistance
International SOS
Latin American Assistance
MSH Internacional
Red Bridge
Tricare International

For more information and advice on how to access services through International Insurance, please contact our Department of Current Accounts at ext. 1244 - 1245.