The importance of feeling at home

Inpatient care

Every detail is taken care of so that our patients can be looked after and can recover in a comfortable and welcoming environment.

That is why our rooms are equipped with everything necessary to ensure that your stay is fully catered for.

There are 141 rooms available, mostly private, which have an extra bed ready for the companion (which is folded out and made at night). The beds are articulated and equipped with all the necessary accessories for all types of hospitalization. The rooms are fitted with good lighting, air conditioning, cable TV, telephone, Wi-fi, minibar and a security box.

There is an internal TV channel to inform and to be closer to our patients.

Virtual tour

Throughout your entire stay, a nursing team, under the direct supervision of a qualified Nurse on duty, will be providing the complete care you require according to your doctor’s orders.

Nutrition and Diet Therapy

During your stay a team of Dietitians will prepare your menu based on your doctor’s instructions.

For unrestricted diets, the menu is à la carte.

Catering Services

LSQA Gastronomía LSQA Gastronomía

The Catering Service at the British Hospital has the Safe Food Handling (BPM) quality certification by LSQA.

Our chef prepares the à la carte menu and the special menus ordered by Dietitians.

Besides from being nutritionally balanced, the menu is tasty, homemade, varied and well presented.

Kitchen staff is trained on an ongoing basis both in-house and in first class external courses with the objective of improving the catering service.

Visiting hours

For the convenience of patients and their family members, the Hospital has a flexible and personalised system for visitors. It is very important for patients' safety to comply with hygiene measures when visiting, respect rest times and ensure their continued care.

Patients can choose their own visiting hours by using the cards we provide and hanging them on the door of their room.

For patients who are in intensive care the visiting arrangements are subject to the guidelines established in that area.

Companions who arrive at night must show their identity card which will remain in custody and will be returned when they leave the following day.

All these requirements can be stricter in the event of a pandemic or other health emergency situations.

Discharge and check out

The patient's treating physician or the Hospital's Medical Department if applicable will sign the discharge, which will be communicated to the patient immediately.

Important Documentation

Documents to download:

- Inpatient Guide

- Inpatient Rules

A space designed for children

An area prepared and catered for the little ones

The decor, the colours and the games are all designed to be as welcoming as possible for children while in hospital.

The paediatric area has 16 rooms. An experienced team of Paediatricians and nurses who are on duty 24 hours a day are in charge of the child and family during the whole period of hospitalization. Although patients can choose their own doctor, the ward has permanent medical support for the comprehensive care of the child.

Neonatal care unit

This Unit has state-of-the-art equipment for newborn care, including basic, intermediate and intensive levels of care.

Health professionals are specifically trained in newborns and have extensive experience in the field.

The staff coordinates the parents’ access to the Unit to optimise emotional support, so important for the baby and the neonatal health professionals in charge of the baby’s care. We have psychological support to help families during this difficult time.

Mothers receive a guide on how to safely store breast milk after pumping.

Paediatric Critical Care Unit

The PICU at the British Hospital has 7 fully equipped boxes for intensive, intermediate and moderate care.

Both medical and nursing staff are specially trained to care for a child that may be critically ill.

The unit has state-of-the-art technology: multiparameter, centralised monitors and ventilators with equipment that allow for better care of infants with acute respiratory distress, such as the high frequency ventilator and nitric oxide equipment.

The Unit’s humanised care focused on the child and family is one of our objectives. Parents remain 24 hours a day next to their child and are offered psychological counselling during this difficult time.

Preoperative preparation

The Hospital provides specialised support for children who must undergo surgery at the hospital.

The Kids Corner offers a video for the child and family to watch which will help them become familiar with the place and everything that will happen on the day of the operation.