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Web users for online services and mobile application

The use of self-management platforms enables to access functionalities and information in real time, improving your experience as a member and user of the plan.

You can obtain your self-management user name by accessing online services, choosing the REGISTER option and completing the form. This will enable you to access your self-management platform on the App or directly on the web.

Medical appointments

To book an appointment with a doctor you must call: +598 2487 1020 ext. 2740 from Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., Saturdays and Sundays from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., and on working holidays from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. You can also book appointments through the online services of the British Hospital website (online services) or using the mobile application.

We recommend that you choose a GP to get to know you, follow your medical history and advise you on routines and health prevention check-ups for each age.

Quick appointment

You will be able to book an appointment for the first available doctor within the speciality you are looking for.

Day Polyclinics

You have the option of making same-day doctor appointments in the following specialities: general medicine, gynaecology, physiatry, dermatology, psychiatry, otolaryngology and paediatrics.

All appointments can be booked at our Main hospital building or at the Carrasco Clinic.

Online consultations

The agenda for online consultations is open and can be used at any time and from any place.

Electronic Health Record (EHR)

Every aspect of the patient's medical history is stored in the Electronic Health Record.

All test results and medication prescribed by the doctor will be stored in the EHR and will be available to each sector or for the patient to pick up a prescription.


Tests indicated by your doctor must be performed within 3 months. After 3 months they lapse, whereby you must return to the same doctor to obtain another medical order if necessary.

The results of the tests will be available on the EHR for your doctor to see, who can then prescribe the corresponding treatment, and also on the website online services.

You can view the laboratory tests on the website online services or on the mobile application.

Urgent and Emergency Care (Montevideo and interior of the country)

Urgent and emergency care available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

According to the severity of the patient’s condition the service is carried out in two clearly defined areas: low complexity or high complexity for more urgent cases.

For emergency care assistance in the interior of the country please contact our service at extension 3000 and request authorisation.


Prescription drugs can be obtained at any of our partner pharmacies:

- HB Red de Farmacias

Note: Chronic prescription drugs must always be obtained at the same partner pharmacy. Drugs can also be requested by telephone and delivered to any address.

The medication either has a 50% discount or is a fixed amount if you have purchased the "fixed-charge medication plan."

To purchase the fixed-charge medication plan:

It can be purchased at any time but is subject to the approval and analysis of your medical history. Current pathologies and treatment of pre-existing health conditions are excluded.

To join, you must complete the application form and sworn statement at the members desk.

Age limit to purchase this plan is 60 years.

Ambulance Emergency Service

UCM accounts are included in the monthly fee.

You can request the service by calling (147) 24 hours a day.

The home visit has an additional charge that will be added to your monthly fee.

Coverage during pregnancy

If you plan to have children, you must be a member of the Hospital Scheme for at least 10 months before the birth to have full coverage.

In this way the antenatal coverage of the baby is included, and it automatically becomes a member.

To purchase additional services for the new member, request a specific method of payment, fill the forms to receive FONASA benefits, please contact the British Hospital Scheme Office, extension 2201, from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Travel Insurance

To purchase any of the travel insurance plans we have you can do so by accessing our online services at the website, with the mobile application, or personally at our offices, at least 48 hours before your trip.

You can view the conditions, costs and plans here.

View conditions and costs in membership scheme / travel insurance

If you are abroad, for assistance call +598 2908 3381 or via whatsapp +598 92 888 900

To receive assistance abroad:

For instructions on assistance call the MAPFRE Assistance Centre on +598 2908 3381 (exclusive for BH Scheme members) or via whatsapp +598 92 888 900

Medical assistance shall not be covered without the prior authorisation and coordination with the insurance company. In case of emergencies, Mapfre must be notified immediately to cover the medical assistance required.

- Travel Assistance document

Health insurance abroad

You have the option of purchasing insurance for surgical procedures and cancer treatment in the US and in the region. Both plans are very ample and give the patient the freedom to use them at any time.

They include an antenatal care for the newborn if the mother is insured for at least 10 months before the birth and requests it for her child.

To purchase the plan:

To purchase these plans you must complete the Health Sworn Statement detailed below and submit the attached letter.

Documents to download:

- Sworn statement (Complete the sworn statement online and then print).

- SQ Letter

- SQ Policy

The complete and signed sworn statement must be submitted at our offices together with the letter and photocopy of the applicant’s identity card.

To request coverage:

You need to have the doctor’s authorisation for a surgical procedure or an oncological treatment and proceed to the British Hospital Scheme office to complete the arrangements as required.

Under no circumstances can coverage abroad be granted unless it has previously been authorised by the British Hospital Scheme office and has received subsequent approval by the BSE (State Insurance Bank).

Funeral service

To purchase the plan:

Each member must sign an individual agreement at the British Hospital Scheme office to be covered by the plan. It corresponds to category No 4 of Previsora Martinelli.

You can add direct family members who are not members of the British Hospital Scheme for an additional cost which is added to your monthly fee.

To request a funeral service:

You must go directly to the offices of Previsora Martinelli to coordinate the details related to the funeral service required (hearse, transfers, room, wreath).

Previsora Martinelli's phone number: 2418-1515

Benefits and discounts

The British Hospital Scheme offers important discounts for members in a wide range of services.

Members must show the Hospital Scheme card to obtain the benefits.

Learn more about the Benefits

Official Health Card

We have special discounts for our members who need to apply for the Official Health Card.


To obtain the discount at SEMM you must show the authorisation issued by the polyclinics reception desks. You can apply for a card directly at UCM and the cost will be added to your monthly fee.

Monthly fee payment methods

Direct debit
Home collectors
Main cashier at the British Hospital
Online: Paganza, Banred, Itau online, e-Brou.

Account statement

You can request that the account statement be sent by e-mail either via our online services, via the mobile application or in person at our British Hospital Scheme office.


If you apply for the FONASA benefits (subsidies), you must submit all the documentation at the FONASA office (on the mezzanine, access from Morales street) to obtain the corresponding deductions.

Starting on February 1, 2020, as per a new resolution of the MSP and BPS, a new system for all Fonasa registrations was implemented.

The process can only be done in person, since the system applies facial recognition and fingerprint technology and original valid documents must be shown.

The documents needed for Fonasa registration are:

- Active and passive.: Original person´s ID.

- For ACTIVE OR RETIRED WORKERS: Original identity card

- For SPOUSE: Original identity card and marriage certificate issued within the past 30 days.

- For MINORS (children) : Child´s original ID, original ID of the parent making the registration (whether or not he/she is the generator of the benefit), and birth certificate issued within the past 30 days. In the case of a newborn, the child's ID can be substituted by a PHOTOCOPY OF CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH.

- For a THIRD PARTY: Original ID of the beneficiary and of the person making the registration, and an ORIGINAL POWER OF ATTORNEY.

- For a DISABILITY PENSION: Original ID of the beneficiary and of the person making the registration and a proof of GUARDIANSHIP of the latter.