Quality of healthcare

We are a general hospital with more than 160 years of experience

Our mission is to provide the highest standard of healthcare for the community.

The main feature of the British Hospital over 160 years has been the combination of professional and technical excellence with the preferential care offered to its patients, based on the basic premise of respecting their dignity.

As a non-profit organisation, the British Hospital has developed and reinvested in its facilities to provide an increasingly qualified care for all its patients, both in infrastructure, medical equipment and technology, and in its valuable Human Resources.

The Hospital has highly trained medical and professional staff, with experts in each of the specialities, as well as an excellent and specialised nursing team assigned to inpatients, which together maintain an optimal relationship offering patients a sustained and personalised care.

As Human Resources are the British Hospital’s main asset, professional and technical staff are continuously being trained and updated to continue striving for excellence and improving the personalised care of patients.

As a medium-sized healthcare centre, the British Hospital is large enough to justify ongoing technological and infrastructure development, while having the right size to maintain a culture of patient-care that is personalised and kind.

The Hospital is continuously training its staff. Its professionals research and participate in training workshops recognised by the Graduate School of the University of the Republic (Universidad de la República) and the Ministry of Public Health.