Unique culture

Professional, warm and humane healthcare

We provide excellent medical care, state of the art infrastructure, modern and comfortable facilities and an empathetic and humane care to our patients and their families.

Respect, compassion and kindness to our patients, their families and helpers are the pillars of the Hospital.  We foster respect and collaboration among staff members and towards patients, embracing all aspects of human integrity.

Our strong medical staff strive to provide the highest standard in all departments, and devote their time to provide warm care to every patient.

Our nursing model, unique in the country, provides care to patients and their families in a professional, warm and kind environment.

The Hospital’s first class technical team actively collaborates in giving earlier and precise diagnoses.

Our proactive and empathetic administrative staff are constantly searching for solutions and answers to our members.

A professional environmental hygiene team provides safety, warmth and well-being to all our visitors.

Our large, talented and innovative customer service team focuses on helping our members at all times.

Our staff’s empathy is highly valued by our patients and families, specially when they undergo difficult situations.