Discounts for members

Wide range of services

The British Hospital Scheme offers important discounts for members in a wide range of services.

Members must show the Hospital Scheme card to obtain the benefits.

Body Planet
Special Discount. Space for functional and equipped training. Fitness area focus on the physical conditioning, health, and aesthetic improvement. Gym: 15% discount and enrolment fee exoneration (applies to price list, not combinable with promotions). Electrofitness: first session with no charge (only for new clients).     

Blanca del Tabaré 2990 (Villa Biarritz)

Ph.: 2710 9790

C.: 095 374146  

Club de Golf del Uruguay
Special discount. 18 instalments without surcharges for the enrolment fee.     

Bulevar Artigas 379

Ph.: 2712 1721  

Spa Victoria – Radisson Victoria Plaza Hotel
Enrolment fee exoneration and 15% discount on the annual payment. In door and heated pool, hot tube, dry sauna, gym with two equipment room (muscle and cardiovascular), close jogging track, different gymnastic and swimming pool disciplines   

Plaza Independencia 759 - Radisson Victoria Plaza Hotel

Ph.: 2902 0111 ext. 8601 / 8620



Yoga Studio Valerie Gazaui
Yoga is aimed to obtain corporal, mental and emotional welfare. They work with hatha yoga, meditation, kundalini yoga with gong baths, and yoga nidra.  5% discount on one complete monthly fee. 10% discount on three complete monthly fees. 15% discount on the monthly fee and one free yoga workshop per year, paying six complete monthly fees.   

Berro 839 & Scosería

C.: 099 388184

FB.: @valeriegazauiyoga

IG.: @valeriegazauiyoga

Enfoque - Integral Training Centre
50% discount on the enrollment fee on annual plans.  

Florencio Varela 3611.

PH.: 2480 8009

FB.: @centroenfoque

IG.: @centroenfoque

TWT.: @centroenfoque

20% discount over the price list, paying by credit card.  

Juan Antonio Rodríguez 1462 Bis, Ph.: 2402 7856

Yí 1383, Ph.: 2902 2745

26 de Marzo 1069, Ph.: 2706 7900

Gabriel Pereira 3119, Ph.: 2707 6998

Constituyente 1613, Ph.: 2400 7044



45% discount on 11- months membership in Punta Carretas Shopping Center. 15% on 11- months membership in Malvin and Costa Urbana Shopping Center. 10% on spa and aesthetic center services.  

Victor Soliño 375, Punta Carretas Shopping. A. Legrand 5076, Malvín.

Costa Urbana Shopping, civic center 3rd floor. Ph.: 2712 2712


Gimnasio Eme Training
10% discount on the first month and enrollment fee exoneration. Personalized and functional training.

C.: 098 850803, 099 693628

IG.: emetraininguy

50% discount on the monthly membership on the Platform YOU+ on demand for one year. YOU+ allows to train at anytime and anywhere. With the suscription could be combined all the disciplines to achieve a varied and complete training that includes, STRENGHT, CARDIO, HOLISTIC AND METABOLICS.

Sano Deleite
10% discount on Sano Deleite’s products. (Paying cash)

18 de Julio 2344 & Blvd. Artigas

Ph.: 2400 1701, 2409 0699  

“A Dieta”- Healthy food
Variety of provisions of 200-350 calories for freezing, with no salt, no sugar and measured calories. Complete weekly plan. Nutritional assessment. In Montevideo: deliveries on Tuesdays   

Av. Francisco Salazar between E. Sader & Rambla L. Batlle, Parada 2 (Brava), Punta del Este

Ph.: 4249 4522

C.: 092 977200   

Eat me now
15% discount. Healthy food for companies and households, delivery of fruits and vegetables. Online purchase with the following code: HB10.     

Ph.: 0800 9933   

Autonomía Rent a Car
15% discount all the year on their rates. Monthly, weekend and daily rent. Service: 24 hours the 365 days of the year.     

José María Montero 3035

Ph.: 2710 0977

C.: 098 888608   


Carper Rent a Car
15% discount all the year on their rates. Monthly, weekend and daily rent.  

Paysandú 1521 & Vázquez (Centro)

Av. Italia 7548 & Barradas (Carrasco)

Ph.: 0800 9090

C.: 097 557707

FB.: rentacarcarper

IG.: carperrentacar

15% discount on all inclusive car rent through the Web page: with the code: BRITANICO. Not combinable with other promotions or discounts. To confirm reservations: (only by e-mail). Requirements: Credit card for deductible expense, driving licence and to be over 23 years old. Subject to availability, Restrictions applies on special dates.

De las America´s  Avenue 252, Canelones.

Ph.: (+598) 2604 3070

C.: (+598) 94 640230, (+598) 95 725000

15% discount on conventional moving.     

Ph.: 2481 8116

C.: 099 640064 (Monday to Sunday at night)

15% Discount on all kinds of ambulance transportation.  

C.: 099 623280 (24 hours)

Offers group and individual psychological support, at the fixed cost of $1000 + IVA the support session for HS members in the face of the pandemic situation.
Proyecto Mindfulness
Special discount. Group and individual online approaches to help each other in crisis times. Programmes and workshops based on Mindfulness and self - compassion. Use the contact link to check for availability and dates to register.                                        


Art workshop
20% discount. This workshop is aimed at children between 6 and 12 years old. It is a workshop to observe, create and learn painting techniques. Gabriela Cazaban - Plastic Artist – Educational coordinator     

Bv. España 2806

C.: 099 688441  

FB.: Taller de Pintura para Niños Creando Artistas

Petit Baby
 20% discount on exclusive trademarks of Petit Baby. Not combinable with other promotions or discounts. E-commerce service in which you can purchase by web or by phone at: 2486 2743.     

21 de setiembre 2749, Ph.: 2711 9179 C.: 091 577777

Julio H. y Obes 1338, Ph.: 2908 1859 C.: 091 97777

Magallanes 1416, Ph.: 2400 1501, 2401 3279 C.: 092 977777

Luis A. de Herrera 3309, Ph.: 2486 2743, C.: 098 377777

Branches in: Mercedes, San José, Flores, Salto, Florida, Fray Bentos, Paysandú, Colonia, Minas, Nueva Helvecia and Treinta y Tres   

Complete product line of baby commodities and toy store. 15% discount on their product line (not combinable with other promotions). Online purchase.     

Solano García 2529, Ph.: 2711 9279, C.: 098 268171

Portones Shopping, store 104, Ph.: 2600 6508 C.: 098 268173

Colonia 1450 & B. Amorín, Ph.: 2908 7028 C.: 098 268174

Blvd. Artigas 1635, Ph.: 2402 8006 C.: 098 268172  

FB.: BabyCityUY  

IG.: BabyCityUY

Las Manolas
Presents for different occasions. Births, baby shower, children birthdays, and more. Practical accessories for babies and fun didactical games. Valid for purchase on the online shop (not combinable with other promotions). Express delivery

C.: 099 863075



Baby Up
20% discount on all their products, on the Website with the code BABYBRITANICO at the moment of the purchase. Not combinable with other promotions.   

Pick up: Veracierto 3190

Ph.: 2505 6666

C.: 095 028143 (Wpp)  

FB.: BabyUpUruguay



Dr. Browns
Baby´s bottle, dummy and more products for the baby. Anticolic baby bottles with a unique internal ventilation system. 10% discount on all the brand´s products. Available for any point of sale of the country. Not combinable with other promotions.   

Points of

El Túnel Bebés y Niños
15% discount on selected products. Additional 10% paying with ITAU bank credit and debit cards.   

Avelino Miranda 2605

Ph.: 2482 5173

C.: 091 466 148

FB.: eltunelbebesyninos

IG.: eltunelbebesyninos

Eml Shop
25% discount on our maternal and school backpac brands: Heine, Lumiem and Baby Tree; and on our Horigen´s breast pump brand. 15% discount on the rest of our products for home, moms, babies and children. Not combinable with other promotions.

C.: 095 880588

FB.: @emluruguay

IG.: @emluruguay

30% discount on Widex hearing aids.   

Sarmiento 2602 & Luis de la Torre Ph.: 2711 8733

Br Artigas 1457 & Rivera Ph.: 2400 7078

15% discount on the purchase of hearing aids. Five year guarantee for selected hearing aids. One year of free batteries. Free domiciliary test for 30 days, unconditional on purchase.   

World Trade Center: L.A de Herrera 1248 Of 230 Avenida´s Tower

Br. Artigas 1385

Julio Herrera y Obes 1379

Eduardo Acevedo 1531 Apto. 318 & Colonia

Branches in: Pando, Las Piedras, Canelones, Maldonado, Florida, San José, Colonia, Treinta y Tres, Salto y Rivera, Durazno and Bella Unión.

Ph.: 18899

C.: 098 126000 (Wpp)  


Leonel Domínguez SRL.
15% discount on the purchase of hearing aids and connection accessories. With no charge: speech therapist consultation, hearing examinations specialized for the selection and adaptation of hearing aids, accessories and periodic control, regulation, specialized mould on new equipment, and up to two annual hearing aids cleaning during the guarantee period.     

Francisco Soca 1295 & Pte. Oscar Gestido

Ph.: 2708 6470, 2708 9174

C.: 099 7474 21 (Wpp)


Clínica Auditiva
10% discount on the purchase of all hearing aids line paying cash or transference. 2 year guarantee for manufacturing defects with a quarterly maintenance as a require. With no charge: maintenance during the first year of purchese, with the purchese a set of batteries for each hearing aid, a deshumidifier set, speech therapist consultation, hearing examinations for the selection and adaptation of hearing aids and real-ear measures.

Luis Lamas 3351

Ph.: 2628 7498, 2623 1996, 0800 8118

Rafael Perez del Puerto 724 of 3, Maldonado

Benoit Audífonos
15 % discount over the price list. With the purchase is included: consultation with a speech therapist, first hearing exam, mould (if required), adaptation test. After purchase service with no charge: 4 years of batteries, regulation and cleaning and maintenance service; 2 years of guarantee, which could be extended to 4 years with the purchase of a hearing deshumidifier.   

Av. Gral. Rivera 2441 & Pedro Campbell, Ph.: 2700 8709

José Dodera 515 & Manuel A. Ledesma, Maldonado, Ph.: 4223 0255

C.: 098 240353



Cementerio Parque Martinelli
Discounts up to 40%. For the acquisition of rights over the use of family plots in Martinelli’s Park.  Contact them for information on financing up to 48 instalments. Consult them about private crematorium service and cinerary plots with special conditions   

Canelones 1450 & Barrios Amorín

Ph.: 0800 1882


Cementerio Británico
15% discount exclusively for British Hospital members. Discount on the price for the acquisition of rights over the use of family plots. Cinerary plots in our cementery. The only private cementery in Montevideo open to all nationalities and creeds.     

Av. Rivera 3868 

Ph.: 2622 3071

F.: 2622 1879


Parque del Recuerdo
30% discount on family plots on preferencial places with an exclusive plan of financing. Private crematorium service in both parks,25 km of Interblanearia´s route and 21 Km of 5 route. Cinerary plots and assessment for transfers from other cementeries

Ph.: 2709 8241


Mater Terra
Family plots in perpetuity. 40% discount over the price list. Financing with no charge. Public deed is provided.     

Office: Chaná 2384 & Blvd. Artigas

Ph.: 2409 8171, 0800 8781


25% discount on psychomotor and pedagogic treatments. Psycho educational centre, which assist children, adolescents, and adults on the following diagnosis and treatments: psychological, speech therapy, psychomotor and learning difficulties.   

Mac Eachen 1444 & Rivera

Mones Roses 6311 & Córcega

Ph.: 2622 2808

C.: 098 270617, 095 062773    

Espacio Lúdico
10% discount on workshops for babies and children from 6 months old with adults as referents.  

Demóstenes 3487, Ph.: 2622 5244

Brito del Pino 1519, Ph.: 2707 6818   

C.A.D.A Integra
Learning difficulties treatment centre. 10% discount on pedagogy, psychological and psychomotor examinations. 10% discount on pedagogical treatments for three months.   

La Paz 2327, Ph.: 2400 2838

Daniel Muñoz 2013, Ph.: 2403 9687    


30% discount on diagnosis and treatments fees: psychomotricity, psychological, speech therapy and psychopedagogical.     

Av. Italia 2759 & Centenario C.: 091 252220

Bruno Mendez 3416 & General Flores C.: 096 321922

Ph.: 2481 9162



Centro Multidisciplinario Carrasco
15% discount on the following treatments: psychological, pedagogical, speech therapy, and psychomotor.    

Arocena 2035

Ph.: 2600 6179

C.: 099 915866 


Centro Matices
15% discount on the fee of the different clinic disciplines (psychomotricity, psychology, speech therapy, psychopedagogy, learning difficulties, among others)    

Av. Gral Rivera 4620 bis

Ph.: 2613 3147  

Cian (Neuropsychological Assistance Interdisciplinary Centre)
15% discount on pedagogical, speech therapy and psychomotor treatments.     

Pte. Gral. Oscar Gestido 2833

Ph.: 2708 3316, 2707 8039

C.: 093 759100

FB.: CIAN SRL - Pocitos

Clinica Prego
10% discount on treatments and evaluations: psychomotor, psychological, speech therapy, and psychopedagogical.     

Estero Bellaco 2666

Ph.: 2480 0468, 2487 5659

C.: 091 859999


Clade (Language, Hearing and Development Centre)
25% discount on diagnosis and treatmens for children, adolescents and adults. Disciplines of work: speech therapy, psychomotricity, psychology and psychopedagogy.     

Dr. Cassinoni 1269 & Guaná

C.: 099 311532  

Consultorio Prof. Lic. Juan Mila - Equipo interdisciplinario
20% discount. (Prof. Lic. Juan Mila). First childhood care (neonatology and paediatrics). Child and family therapy. Diagnosis and psychological, psychomotor, and psychopedagogical treatments for children and adolescents, learning difficulties and educational inclusion. Psychotherapy for adults.   

San Salvador 2118 (Parque Rodó)

Ph.: 2411 9049

C.: 099 286823


Centro Clínico Tres Cruces
30% discount on the clinic fee for psychological treatments   

Ramón Anador 3372

C.: 099 706567  

Centro de Neurología Infantil
15% discount on the price list on the following treatments: speech therapy and psychology.  

Sarmiento 2647 & Francisco Aguilar Of 202

Ph.: 2712 3451

C.: 099 411387

FB.: Clinica de neurologia infantil

IG.: @clinicadeneurologiainfantil

Espacio Click
Offers discounts over the price list: 20% on examinations and 10% on treatments. Examinations: psychopedagogical or pedagogical, speech therapy, psychological and neurocognitive. Treatments: psychopedagogical, speech therapy, psychological, psychomotor or physiotherapy.      

Grito de Asencio 1102 & Agraciada

Ph.: 2201 1691    


Clinica del Niño - Centro del Adolescente
15% discount on professional fees. (plus IVA 10%)   

Almirante Harwood 6146

Ph.: 2600 0566

F.: clinicadelnino-harwoodcare

Ciic Carrasco (Carrasco Interdisciplinary Centre)
Interdisciplinary vision. 15% discount on the following treatments: Pedagogical: English – Spanish, phonoaudiological : language – speech, and psychomotor.     

Gral. Rivera 6182 (Carrasco)

Ph.: 2606 0389

C.: 091 014945, 094 597935, 099 599133


Re-educational language and hearing centre. 25% discount on treatments and diagnosis fees: psychopedagogic examination with learning potential, language examination, psychodiagnosis, psychopedagogic, speech therapy and psychological treatments.     

Blvd. Artigas 1347 & Chaná

Ph.: 2407 6476

C.: 099 990933

FB.: ongsur1234  

CRI (Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation Centre)
Clinic in charge of Lic. Marina Rodal, offers 25% discount on evaluations and treatments related with psychomotricity, psychopedagogic, sport rehabilitation, occupational therapy and physiotherapy for children, adolescents, youth and adults. 20% discount on cognitive stimulation workshops and music therapy for children, adolescents, youth and adults.     

Brenda 5983 & Belastiqui

Ph.: 2605 8771



Centro Cedap
30% discount on the fee of the different clinic disciplines. Approach to children and their families. Diagnosis and treatments for children and adolescents: psychomotor, speech therapy, psychopedagogic and psychological. Specialists in early attention (approach to early childhood development problems). Learning difficulties and educational inclusion.     

Bolivia 1841

Ph.: 2601 0674          

Clínica Uno
20 % discount on all their assistance areas rates. Diagnosis and treatments: psychology, psychomotricity, speech therapy and psychopedagogy.   

Santiago Vázquez 1115 & Av. Brasil

Ph.: 2706 6195



Centro Interdisciplinario by Busy Hands
15% discount on the following diagnosis and treatments: psychological, psychomotricity, speech therapy, pedagogical, occupational therapy and learning difficulties.      

Ruta Interbalnearia Km 23.300, Complex Haras del Lago

Ph.: 2696 4502

C.: 099 216 575


Motri Psicomotricidad
15% discount on treatments. Early stimulation, neurocognitive treatment, attention and executive functions, social abilities, grafomotricity.   

Dr. Joaquín Secco Illa 2847

C.: 098 887554

Clínica Shangrilá (Interdisciplinary assitance for children and adolescents)
15% discount on examinations and treatments fees: speech therapy, psychological, psychomotricity and psychopedagogical.   

Venezuela & Avenida del Parque, Shangrilá, Canelones

Ph.: 2682 2981

C.: 098 110428

FB.: Clínica Shangrilá


La Casa Verde
20% discount on the price list on treatments for children, adolescents and adults on the corresponding re-education or rehabilitation: psychology, psychopedagogy, speech therapy, psychomotricity, neurology, physiotherapy, child psychiatry.   

Luis Alberto de Herrera 220 & Ramon Alvarez, La Paz, Canelones

Ph.: 2362 3053

C.: 091 501 957

FB.: Casa Verde clínica interdisciplinaria   

IG.:  casa_verde_uy 

Centro Interdisciplinario Vera
20% discount on diagnosis and treatments fees: psychomotricity, psychological, speech therapy, psychopedagogical, occupational therapy, music therapy and early stimulation. Neuropsychological valuation for children and adolescents. 10% discount on neurodevelopment workshops for health and education professionals.  

Dr. Alvaro Vargas Guillemette 2485 (Carrasco)

Ph.: 2604 9435

C.: 092 478370



Ángela De María- Innovación Estética
20% off on massages: relaxing, reductive, modelling, bioenergetic and lymphatic drainage. Massages for pregnant women and after-birth treatments. Facial cleaning, antiage and cosmethological treatments. Reductive, anticellulitic, and tensor treatments. Permanent hair removal. Photo rejuvenation facial treatments, to eliminate skin spots and to recover the light of the skin. Vascular injuries, and acne treatments with pulsate light. Reductive programmes with liposhock for reduce contour; Viora V20 radiofrequency for facial and corporal skin flaccidity and contour redefinition. Stretch marks treatments. Corporal and facial carboxytherapy Discount paying cash, not combinable with other promotions.      

Divina Comedia 1586 

Ph.: 2600 5557 

C.: 094 340702


IG.: @angelademaria_spa

Beauty Planet Spa
Special discount. Tanning bed: 15% discount on corporal and facial tanning bed, for every day individual sessions. Permanent hair removal: 50% discount on the first session for non-permanent hair removal client, and 10% discount on the following sessions. (Not combinable with other promotions, Applies only on individual sessions). Massages and aesthetic: 10% discount on individual facial and corporal aesthetic sessions. Massages: 20% discount on hidrojet sessions. Aesthetic: facial and corporal diagnosis consultation with no charge. 30% discount on aesthetic sessions. (Discount over the price list, not combinable with other promotions). Available in the following branches: Centro, Shopping Tres Cruces, Shopping Punta Carretas and Body Planet by Beauty Planet (Villa Biarritz).

Punta Carretas Shopping, Level 2, Ph.: 2711 9115, C.: 095 374187 (Wpp), 097 759032

Blanca del Tabaré 2990 (Villa Biarritz), Ph.: 2710 9790

Esplendor Hotel Punta Carretas - M. J. Errazquin, Ph.: 2711 7711

Julio Herrera y Obes 1234 (Centro), Ph.: 2902 4402

Shopping Tres Cruces, Bus Terminal level, store T19, Ph.: 2400 4965   

Therapy Center
30% discount on relaxing, reductive, modelling massages, lymphatic or circulatory drainage. 20% on facial treatments, radiofrecuency, utracavitation, mesotherapy, pressotherapy. 15% on Spanish hair removal system, permanent hair removal and post-surgery treatment.

Puntas de Santiago 1521 (Carrasco)

Juan Maria Perez 2879 (Pocitos)

C.: 096 423246

IG.: Therapycenteruy 

Analía Martin - Aesthetic and Nutrition
15% discount on facial and body treatments, relaxing massages, nutritional assessment with personalized nutritional plans. Free parking for clients. 

Blvd. España 2420

Ph.: 2714 1874

C.: 099 215510   


Bethel Spa
20% discount on all their services (not combinable with other promotions). Aesthetic treatments, power plate, spa, fitness, pilates studio, hairdresser, tanning, among others.    Branches in: Pocitos, Carrasco, Malvín, Punta del Este.

Ph.: 2613 8899



Laca Spa // Products
20% discount on treatments, evaluation with no charge, facial cleaning and express massage with no charge. 20% discount on Laca Products. Not combinable with seasonal promotions.    

Blvd. Artigas 938 & Blvd. España

Ph.: 0800 8696

C.: 092 679270 (Wpp)


Centro Dermatológico
10% discount on facial and corporal treatments. The aim of the centre is to provide comprehensive services in the area of clinical dermatology, aesthetics and allergies. Multi-disciplinary team of specialists and high-tech equipment to reach an appropriate diagnosis and treatment for each patient. Dr. Valeria Pomies Bianchi / Dr. Silvina Gurgitano   

Ellauri 357 / 803

C.: 099 683072


Seis Sentidos Estética y Bienestar
First consultation with no charge. 40% discount on EVOSCULPT. 30% discount on facial and corporal treatments, permanent hair removal, massages, RELIFT facial and corporal treatments, botox, fillers and platelet-rich plasma. 20-25% discount on products with “farmadescuento” 15% discount on HEALTHY SKIN PRODUCTS, nutritionist consultation or Pronokal method control , hairdressing service, physiotherapy, profiling eyebrow, Egyptian  hair removal, eyebrow and lashes henna ink or lashes lifting.Not combinable with other promotions or discounts.

Av. Italia 6388

Ph.: 2606 2175

C.: 099 260348  

FB.: SeisSentidosEstéticayBienestar 

Presage – Centro Médico Estético
30% discount on all the treatments. Designed treatments according to each patient. Multidisciplinary team. All the treatments are ambulatory.  

Luis Alberto de Herrera 1248 Complex WTC, Tower 3, Of. 264

Ph.: 2628 6474 

C.: 099 613421


Stop Tabaco
20% discount paying cash and 10% discount financed.  Discount on stop-smoking and stay tobacco free programme, recognized by the WHO (World Health Organization) and MSP (Public Health Ministry of Uruguay).    

Ph.: 2900 0714, 2902 7035 

C.: 097 470881  


La Maison- Senior Apartments
15% discount on temporary and permanent residences during the first month (this discount does not apply for less than 30 days residences). Assisted apartments for the elderly. Recuperation floor for convalescent people who need assistance. Nursing 24 hours per day.     

26 de marzo 3322

Ph.: 2623 3232   

Instituto de Genética Médica
Primary and secondary congenital diseases prevention, with non-invasive preconceptionals, prenatal and postnatal techniques.  20% discount on BabyGenes Carrier (preconception). 20% discount on BabyGenes Baby (new born and first childhood). 10% discount on MaterniT (pregnancy). 10% discount on HARMONY test (foetal DNA on maternity blood - pregnancy). 10% discount on My Prenatal Plus test (foetal DNA on maternity blood - pregnancy).     

Blvd. Artigas 1632, 2nd floor

Ph.: 2487 5050     

Lar Residential Centre
15% discount on premium room during 30 days for surgery and vascular accidents recovering. LAR is an assisted centre with the only building in Uruguay aimed at the health care and security of the elderly.

Juan Ma. Espinosa 1480 & Asamblea

Ph.: 2614 1010



CPD- Sport Psychological Centre
Interdisciplinary centre related to mental health, coaching and motivation. Offers 30% discount on their sport psychological programmes, Coach ICC (International Coaching Community), PNL, and linguistic programming.      

Francisco Soca 1391. Of 703

C.: 099 694053, 098 562654  


Sanatorio Villa Carmen
20% discount on psychiatric hospitalisation for British Hospital patients in rehabilitation and/or treatments which exceeds the coverage of the plan.     

Av. Gral. José Garibaldi 2680

Ph.: 2487 7000, 2487 3202


CRI (Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation Centre)
Clinic by Lic. Marina Rodal, offers 25% discount on treatments and valuations in the areas of psychomotricity, psychopedagogy, sport rehabilitation, occupational therapy and physiotherapy for children, adolescents, young people and adults. 20% discount on cognitive stimulation workshops and music therapy for children adolescents, young people and adults.   

Brenda 5983

Ph.: 2605 8771   

Centro Carrasco Life
10% discount on hydrotherapy. It is run by physiotherapists with a prevention, rehabilitation and therapeutic profile. Personalized method. 20% discount on baby swimming lessons: activity aimed at babies from 4 to 24-month-old and their parents.  

Av. Italia 7504 & Barradas (Carrasco)

Ph.: 2605 8329   


Vitalis - Clínica de Trastornos Alimentarios
15% discount on diagnosis and treatments.   

Ejido 1341 / 901

Ph.: 2903 2636

C.: 099 495814

FB.: Vitalis Uruguay

Células de Cordón Uruguay – Agente Comercial de NECBB
10% discount on stem cells from the umbilical cord conservation. Not combinable with other promotions. Offers to parents the possibility of conserving the stem cells from the umbilical cord of the child at the moment of birth. Those are stored in New England Cord Blood Bank (NECBB) located in Boston, Massachussetts, United States.     

Av. Italia 2364 of. 201 – Torre Palma de Málaga

Ph.: 2486 4136

FB.: CelulasdeCordonUruguay

IG.: celulasdecordon  


Medical group REFEMM. Discount on Laser vagina tighten treatment, recommended for stress urinary incontinence and uro-genital menopausal syndrome. The treatment includes valuation, advise and monitoring.   

Esteban Elena 6565 (Centro Médico Carrasco)

Ph.: 2601 0935


Centro Crem
30% discount on the different clinic disciplines fees. Transdisciplinary centre. Psychopedagogy, psychomotricity, psychology, occupational therapy, speech therapy, educative therapeutic workshops, neuropsychological approach. Multi-sensory room as a complement of the approach in different areas     

18 de Julio 948 / 901-903 (Centro)

Ph.: 2908 6574

C.: 091 323860

FB.: Centro Crem  

Laboratorio Genia – Molecular Genetic
20% discount on PANORAMA´S examination: not invasive prenatal test to determine genetic alterations on babies– 10% discount on BRCA 1 and BRCA 2- Breast and ovarian cancer predisposition COLOR E INVITAE:  hereditary cancer panels, ENDOPREDICT: treatment benefit and metastasis’ risk. NUTRIGENÉTICA- Personalise your diet according to your genetic. Examination that analice a variety of genes associated with food regulation.

Av. Sarmiento 2265 & Patria

Ph.: 2712 1212

C.: 091 271212

FB.: laboratoriogenia

IG.: laboratorio_genia

Cerei - Centro de Rehabilitación Integral
Offers 10% discount on insomnio and sleep apnoea rehabilitation therapy. Interdisciplinary teamwork of sleep medicine   

Av. Cataluña 3153 (Parque Batlle)

Ph.: 2481 2932

C.: 092 073153



Centro Interdisciplinario Vera
20% discount on neuropsychological evaluations for adults. 10% discount on neurodevelopment workshops for health and education professionals.   

Dr. Alvaro Vargas Guillemette 2485 (Carrasco)

Ph.: 2604 9435

C.: 092 478370



Laboratorio ATGEN
10% discount on determination of foetal sex since the 7th week of pregnancy, XeliGen -  genetic predisposition of celiac disease, LactoGen – genetic test of lactose intolerance. 5% discount on PrenaScreen Basic and Plus – DNA foetal exam in maternal blood for trisomies and other chromosomal anomalies detection, BRCA1/BRCA2 and BRCA extended 53 genes – hereditary cancer panels.

Av. Italia 6201, Los Tilos' Building, Office 106 (Carrasco)

Ph. 2600 6001

C. 097 329487 (WA)

FB.: Laboratorio ATGen Uruguay


South Genetics
10% discount. Commercial agent of laboratories in the United States for genetic tests: Preconceptionals (Carrier Screening INVITAE); Prenatal (non-invasive foetal DNA test on maternity blood. Harmony, Verinata Health and Maternit Genome); Newborn (early detection of metabolic disease, endocrine disease, etc); Allergies and Hereditary Cancer (evaluation of the alterations on BRCA1/2 genes related to uterus, prostate and gastrointestinal system, etc).  

Av. Italia 2364, Torre Palma de Málaga, office 201/301.

Ph.: 2486 4136 / 2487 8995


Laboratorio Genodiagnosis – Clinical Genetics
10% discount on genetic exams: Prenatal (non- invasive foetal DNA test on maternity blood: Harmony, MaterniT21, MaterniTGenome), Infertility (Karyotype, CFTR, X-Fragile, Microdeletions Y), Hereditary Cancer, Diagnosis of rare diseases, DNA paternity test and other family relations, among others. 5% Discount on Tellmegen Health map (include hereditary diseases predisposition, farmacological compatibility, exams related to recessive disease carriers, genetic ancestry and personal traits).  

Av. Italia 2364, Torre Palma de Málaga, office 506.

Ph.: 2486 3280

WPP.: +598 2486 3280

FB.: genodiagnosis

IG.: genodiagnosis

10% discount. Specialized clinic on sleep medicine, individualized and multimodal approach for an effective resolution of sleep pathologies. Offers the following programs: Insomnia program, parasomnias (nightmares or sleepwalking) hypersomnia and sleep Chronobiology.  

26 de Marzo 3486 P.3 – 302

Ph.: 2623 0789

C.: 092 230503

F.: Somnocentro

IG.: somnocentro

15% discount on evaluations and treatments in the areas of Neurological Psychotherapy, Speech therapy, Sensory integration, Neuropsycology, Psychomotricity, Psychopedagogy, and Occupational therapy. Congnitive stimulation workshops for children, adolescents and adults. 10% on individual specialized Hydrotherapy (Psychotherapy and psychomotricity), Groupal specialized hydrotherapy (Neurology and AQUATEA) and on groupal hydrotherapy (fibromyalgia, spinal and limb pathologies).

Av. Cataluña 3142, Parque Batlle.

Ph.: 2628 3181

C.: 099 751526

Clínica Médica Integral Dra Kelsy Arbiza
15 % discount on all services. Kelsy Arbiza medical and Integral Clinic. Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Neurofunctional Acupuncture. Pain Treatment, Osteoarticular injuries rehabilitation. Preventive, familiar and life style medicine.

Francisco Vidal 716, apto 001

C.: 098 591147

Espacio 5 sentidos
Psychomotricity for babies, children, adolescents and adults. Discount on all areas: evaluation, treatment, guidance and accompaniment for parents. Workshops: early stimulation for babies between 0 and 24 months. Cognitive stimulation for elders.

Coronel Mora 568, Punta Carretas

C.: 099 599511

Dental Clinic - Prof. Dr. Luis Bueno
Special discount. Specialized clinic on gum treatments. Periodontal aesthetic surgery. Comprehensive care of the periodontal patient, including orthodontics, implantology and rehabilitation. Computer guided implantology. Laser therapy. Preferential rates for members. Qualified language staff (Spanish, Portuguese and English).    

Gabriel Pereyra 3046

T.: 2709 2424, 2709 6737

Av. España esq. calle Bolivia, Parada 25 de la Mansa, Punta del Este.

C.: 099 213358


Dental Clinic - Prof. Dr. Miguel Angel y Dr. Loredana Piñeyro
Consultations, diagnosis and budget with no charge. 20% discount on treatments. Digital radiograph, comprehensive dental care, implantology, rehabilitation, tooth whitening, orthopaedics and orthodontics. Implant surgery, aesthetic and functional rehabilitation. Crowns, inlays and ceramic veneers, robotized in a few hours (Cad- Cam).   

Córdoba & Louvre, Punta del Este

Ph.: 4223 2525, 4224 5984

C.: 094 272791

FB.: F COI / Clínica estética integral del Este  

IG.: coi_centriidintologicointegral

Dental Clinic - Prof.Dr. Jean Paul Martinet - Biomedical
Diagnosis, assessment and budget with no charge. 20% discount on all their services. High complexity aesthetic treatments, implantology and oral rehabilitation. Exlusive use of original Straumann (Switzerland) implants with lifetime warranty.  Highest technology veneers, Ceramic crown steel free. Qualified language staff (English, Portuguese and French).     

Alfredo Arocena 2033 & Mones Roses

Ph.: 2600 6034

C.: 096 252532 (Wpp)

FB.: Biomedical

IG.: Biomedical_uy   


Dental Clinic - Dr. Santiago Sartori/ Implantología del Sur
40% discount on diagnostic consultations, orthopantomographs, digital radiography and consultations with specialists. After having "dental health" 10% discount on all their services. Specialists in each one of the eight defined areas, with a single comprehensive care plan. Three times winner of the National Award for quality.     

Rivera 7493 (Carrasco)

Ph.: 2601 8565  

DentalPro Clinic
Monthly pre-pay coverage with special conditions and rates for British Hospital members.   Premium DentalPro Plan   Benefits: First control and interdisciplinary consultation with specialists. Prophylaxis (cleaning) “fluortopicacion” and hypersensitivity dental treatment. Orthodontic diagnosis consultation and X-ray studies for the treatment. Pediatric Dentistry: Prophylaxis, cavitie and fissure sealaurs, fluor application and preventive guidelines: surgeries: simple extractions with pre and post surgery monitoring. Implants: studies and/or maintenance of dental implants (includes prior tomography). X-ray: all X-ray and required studies for orthodontics, surgery and endodontics. Exclusive discounts: 40% discount on all treatments. Coverage: one adult. Children under 5 years old are included in the policy.   DentalPro Premium Familiar Plan   Benefits: Includes all individual plan benefits. Exclusive discounts: 40% discount on all treatments. Coverage: Two adults and two children under 18 years old. Children under 5 years old are included with no charge in the policy.     Conditions about both plans   Coverage in Montevideo and in the rest of the Country. Main offices in Carrasco and Parque Batlle (shortly) and providers in different points of the country. 24 hs urgency coverage all the year (Montevideo). Benefits since the first day of affiliation with no qualifying period.   Exclusive for Hospital Scheme members   Benefits in attention with no charge: children orthodontic and interdisciplinary diagnosis consultations with specialists, digital X-ray and preventive controls. IVA´s discount on all services.              

Avda. Juan Bautista Alberdi 6253, Carrasco

Dr. Enrique Pouey 2532, Parque Batlle (shortly)

Ph.: 2604 2365 C.: 091980720 (Wpp)


Dental Clinic - Dr. Germán Barrios
Up to 40% discount over the rates of the Uruguayan Odontology Society. Specialized in implantology and dental aesthetic. Offers with no charge: consultations, treatment schema, first prophylaxis with ultrasound and revision with odontographs. The patient will be informed about the treatment budget (discounts included), after the revision and prophylaxis (if it corresponds).     

Soriano 1171

Ph.: 2900 1163 ext. 118

C.: 094 579187, 099 606648


Dental Clinic - Dr. Elbio Gonzalez Pastorino
20% discount on all their services. Specialist on implants rehabilitation. First consultation with no charge. Implantology, dental aesthetic, oral rehabilitation, comprehensive dental care, tooth whitening with exclusive system.     

Priamo 1647 & Av. Bolivia (in front of Carrasco´s Policlinic)

Ph/F.: 2601 2280

C.: 099 319037  


Escuela de Jinetes
5% discount on a 4-lesson package. CECADE horse riding school for horse riders. Office hour: 8.30 am to 11.00 am - 3.30 pm to 7.00 pm.   

Dr. Rubino 7159

Ph.: 2601 8615

C.: 094 342132

Parking Málaga
Preferential price for BH members. Open 24 hours every day.     

Av. Italia 2366 

Parking Bauzá
Preferential price for BH members. Monday to Friday from 7 am to 10 pm.     

 Julio A. Bauzá 2428

Parking Carrasco
Preferential price for BH members. Monday to Friday from 8 am to 20 pm, Saturday from 8 am to 13 pm.   

  Av. Bolivia 1978 between Murillo & Mones Roses

Detailing Studio
Automotive aesthetic centre. 10 % discount on all their services: detailed washes, ceramic treatments interior cleaning, artisanal dent removal, trainings, among others.

Av Bolivia 2054

C.: 098 688665, 092 278160

F.: detailingstudiomvd

IG.: detailingstudiomvd

Agustina Pereira - Flower Design Deco
10% discount on event decoration: weddings, 15th birthday parties, bat-bar mitzvah, church, wedding canopy, among others. 15% discount on bridal bouquet.   

Jaime Zudañez 2809

C.: 099 696 467

IG.: @decoagustinapereira

Mamá&Bebé organizes monthly events for expectant mothers for the last 10 years. Relevant topics are addressed by professionals, gifts from sponsors will be delivered. They offer preferential quotas for British Hospital members, which must be requested through Instagram or the website.

IG.: @revista_mamaybebe



San Roque
50% and Ticket System Call Center: from 8 am to 10 pm. Payment methods: credit cards at home. Deliveries to Montevideo $40 until $1000 in purchases. Pick up with no charge in all branches. In the rest of the country deliveries with no charge. In the rest of the country deliveries with no charge.

 Ph.: Montevideo, 0800 3456. Rest of the country: the phone number depends on each branch.

Available branches list: 

El Tunel
50% and Ticket System. Call Center: 24 hours. Payment methods: credit cards, checks, and cash. Deliveries to Montevideo with no charge. Deliveries to Maldonado.    

Ph.: 2406 8096!Urugu


In front of the British Hospital (Tres Cruces) (open 24hs Monday to Sunday all the year) 

J. B. Alberdi 6597 (Carrasco)

26 de marzo 3397 (Pocitos)

Solano García 2569 (Punta Carretas)

Hipólito Irigoyen 1599 (Malvín)

18 de Julio 945 (Centro)

Avda. Agraciada 4061 BIS


Ibiza (Punta del este)
40% discount on medication with medical prescription. The BH membership card is required. Receipt of medical prescription by email:  

Av. Roosevelt stop 14 near Rosario, in front of Sanatorio Cantegril, Punta del Este

Ph.: 4248 8805, 4249 8005  


50% and Ticket System. Call Center: 24 hours. Payment methods: credit cards at home. Deliveries to Montevideo $40 until $1000 in purchases. Pick up with no charge in all branches. In the rest of the country deliveries with no charge.

Ph.: 2508 8080 (Exclusive for British Hospital members).

Available branches list:

RPG (Global Postural Education)
Special benefits. Professionals with RPG formation.   

Lic. Ana Quiros – C.: 098 094902

Lic. Marina Lacruz – C.: 099 649466

Lic. Marité Casariego – C.: 094 328080

Lic. Laura Pérez – C.: 099 236763

Lic. Camila Alvez – C.: 098 116193

Lic. Fiorella Viotti – C.: 099 708552

Lic. Nathalie Jourdan – C.: 098 917018

Lic. Cecilia Travieso – C.: 099 305681


Terapia Craneosacra (TCS)
Professionals with TCS formation. Special benefit for members for each session.   

Lic. Adriana Astengo - C.: 099 833149

Lic. Ana Quiroz - C.: 098 094902

Lic. Marina Lacruz - C.: 099 649466  

Lic. Ft. María Elena Silva
 Special discounts. Functional rehabilitation of spinal injuries: postural correction, lumbo-pelvic stability, scoliosis rehabilitation, curve-back among other pathologies. Hipopresive technique, related to muscular toning. Special fee for members for each session or group.   

C.: 099 099149



Clínica Gioscia - Medicina del Deporte
25% discount on sport doctor consultation, physiotherapy sessions and rehabilitation. Consult them for other discounts.  

Jackson 1146 apto 001 / 002

Ph.: 2412 7774

C.: 091 560538 (Wpp)

FB.: Clínica Gioscia-Medicina del Deporte

IG.: clinicagioscia

TWT.: @clinicagioscia

10% Discount on focal, radials, combined and ecoguide shock waves sessions; for treatment of Tendinopathies, Calcifications, Plantar fascitis, Epicondylitis, etc. Differential Price on 3 and 6 session pack. Booking by phone or email

IBIRAY 2293 & Maggiolo - Punta Carretas.

Ph.: 2716 5142

C.: 094 911683

Pati Matos Fotografía
15% discount. Pati Matos is a professional photographer who is mainly engaged in photographic record of newborns (up to 15 days of being born); maternity sessions (between the 32nd and 37th week of pregnancy); birth books; family and children register.     

C.: 094 710715

FB.: Pati Matos Fotografía

IG.: patimatosfotografia

Fotoarte Escuela de Fotografía
10% discount on all courses, except for workshops.   

Roque Graseras 735

C.: 098 638129

FB.: Fotoarte - Escuela de Fotografía  

IG.: Fotoarteuy

Romi Zunino Fotografía
15% discount on our sessions (maternity, newborn, mini baby, baby, first year, infantile and family) 10% in extras (canvas, prints and photobooks). With the hiring of a Maternity-Newborn Pack, a photobook (10x12) as a gift. With the hiring of the follow-up modality, a photobook (15x15) as a gift.  

C.: 099 979563  

IG.: romizuninofotografia


Viviana Melo Photografhy
30% discount on premium Newborn session at home or studio. The pack includes 15 edited photos in high definition with parents and siblings.  

C.: 099 135155


Alejandra Zipitría
Studio specialized on maternity, newborn and babies. 20% discount on maternity sessions, newborn, photobooks and canvas. With the hiring of Newborn Premium Pack or Deluxe Pack:  a mini session “Mami & yo” as a gift.  

3 de febrero 878 (Maldonado)

C.: 097 545001

IG.: alejandrazipitria

Help Line
15% discount on installation and 10% discount on the monthly fee. The Help Line button is a phone with watch or necklace shape that allows to speak or ask for help from any place, without having to get your phone. Is water proof and includes a drop device. Ideal for people who live on their own, in surgery recovery, heart patients or hypertensive. Secutrity for senior citizen, tranquillity for family.

Av. Rivera 2970 & Pastoriza

Ph.: 2707 4671 / 77   

Espacio Aroma
20% discount. Not available for kit aroma products and not combinable with other promotions or discounts.   

Punta Carretas Shopping Level 2, C.: 097 302672

Montevideo Shopping Level 2, C.: 097 081414 / 097 081919

50% discount on selected accessories. And up to 20% discount on selected furniture in stock, with inmediate delivery. With no charge: coordination of interior design service with a professional team, according to your preferences, necessities and measurements.  The interior designer will provide you a 3D project with customized furniture and coordinated accessories.

Ellauri 363 (Punta Carretas)

Julio Herrera y Reissig & Av. Italia, Stop 4, Design District, Punta del Este

Ph.: 4249 3781  

Salvador R
25% discount in Punta del Este. Development of design projects, with own production of furniture. Allows to attain greater effectiveness, optimizing time and taking maximum care of quality, offering a modern and functional style.  

Av. Italia Stop 5 & Pedragosa Sierra, Punta del Este Design District,

Ph.: 4249 1059,

C.: 098 541781   

20% discount on ROZEN products and on SIMPLEHUMAN (exclusive brand).   

Av. Italia 3105 & Luis Alberto de Herrera

Ph.: 2486 1000


Darko Lighting
30% discount. Darko Lighting is specialized on technical lighting projects, decorative and control sistems Discount on all decorative lighting. Not combinable with other promotions and/or discounts.   

Joaquín Nuñez 2868, Montevideo, Ph.: 2711 6198, 

20.27 street, Punta del Este, Ph.: 4243 6819,    

20% discount on all their products. Not combinable with other promotions and/or discounts. Aquaclean, rugs, curtains, vinyl floor.     

Headquarter: Misiones 1554 / 001

Showroom: Misiones 1578

Ph.: 2915 5752   


Centro Serigráfico
20% discount on paint, Uruguayan brand: Crisoles. Wide decorative paint line, and painting accessories. They accept credit and debit card.   

República 1801 & Galicia

Ph.: 2402 0681

C.: 092 032265 (Wpp)


Vivion Haus
5% additional benefit  over the discounts made by the store based on the price list on firewood and pellets heaters. 10% discount on air conditioners, installations, ducts and accessories. The discounts only applies in the store. Not combinable with other promotions or discounts.   

Av. Italia 6378, Montevideo

Ph.: 2600 4614

C.: 097 385272

Laundry equipment for buildings, shops and for large families. 5% discount on the purchase of LG Comercial Laundry washing machines and dryers.

Av. Brasil 3072, Showroom, Micenas Mall

C.: 091455816

Sacramento Management
20% discount. Radisson Colonia del Sacramento Hotel (Colonia del Sacramento); Don Antonio Posada (Colonia del Sacramento); Posada del Virrey (Colonia del Sacramento); Real Colonia Hotel & Suites (Colonia del Sacramento); Gran Hotel Brisas del Hum (Mercedes); Gran Hotel Fray Bentos (Fray Bentos); Days Inn Montevideo (Montevideo); Uy Proa Sur Hotel (La Paloma); Frontier Hotel Rivera (Rivera); Vivaldi Hotel Loft Punta Carretas (Montevideo).  (Password: britanico)  

Ph.: 2712 7082


Armon Suites
15% discount on RACK rates. Consult them for rates and special conditions on extended stays.  

21 de Setiembre 2885

Ph.: 2712 4120

Wpp.: 598 92 059644


Hotel Nirvana
15% discount on available rates (not combinable with other discounts and/or promotions). Discount applies only at booking directly at the Nirvana Hotel or their central office.      

Nueva Helvecia, Colonia, Ph.: 4554 4081

Montevideo, Ph.: 2902 4124  

Hotel San Pedro de Timote
10% discount not available on peak season. National Historic Heritage. Rates include: meals, horse riding, rooms for events, weddings and party.        

Ph.: 2902 5869, 4310 8086/87/88  


Altos del Arapey Club Golf & Hotel Termal
10% discount on the best available rate booking directly with the hotel. Not combinable with other promotions or discounts.   

Route 3, Km. 550 + 19 Kms, Cno. Raúl Gaudín - Termas del Arapey, Salto

Ph.: 4768 2200 

C.: 099 672769  

Regency Hotels
35% discount on flexible rate. 30% discount on wedding night: suite, tea for two people, late check out and room breakfast. 

Regency Golf Hotel Urbano, Ph.: 2710 4444,

Regency Park Hotel, Ph.: 2517 0101,

Regency Rambla Design Apart Hotel, Ph.: 2601 5555,

Regency Way Montevideo Hotel, Ph.: 2628 7777,   

The Chic Collection
Offers 20% discount on the “free cancelation” rates during all the year. Golden Beach Resort & SPA, Barradas Parque Hotel & SPA, Salinas del Almirón Resort Termal, Palermo Suites - Buenos Aires. Booking:    

Golden Beach Resort & SPA, Ph.: 4244 1314  

Barradas Parque Hotel & SPA, Ph.: 4249 4444,   

Palermo Suites - Buenos Aires, Ph.: +541151975800, ,   

Salinas del Almirón Resort Termal, Ph.: 4742 3620,


After Hotel Montevideo
15% discount on the available rates (not combinable with other promotions or discounts). Only booking by .     

Arturo Prat 3755

Ph.: 2628 2828   

Colonia West Hotel
20% discount on the rack rates. Not combinable with other promotions.  

Puerto Conchillas, Colonia

Ph.: 4577 2500

C.: 094 497696 (WPP)    

Bit Design Hotel
30% discount on the rack rates, plus late check out. Only booking by Subject to availability. Not combinable with other promotions.     

Ramón Fernández 265

Ph.: 2712 3455

FB.: bitdesignhotel   


Argentino Hotel Casino & Resort
10% discount on the rack rates.  Discount applies only booking directly by the email Not combinable with other promotions and/or discounts. Subject to availability.   

Rambla de los Argentinos y Armenia, Piriápolis

Ph.: 4432 2791    


Casa del Sol Hotel & restaurante
 20% discount on the available rate, all the year.     

Route 1, Km 170 / CP: 70.000

Ph.: 4522 6383

FB.: @Casadelsolcolonia

Il Belvedere Hotel
20% discount on the best available rate on the website (the discount applies after Tourism Week to 12/20/2021). 15% discount on the restaurant and tea room.Subject to availability. Not combinable with other promotions or discounts offered by the hotel.  

Stop 29 of Playa Brava - Rambla Costanera Lorenzo Batlle & Da Vinci street, Punta del Este

Ph.: 4249 4817

C.:093 937025    


2122 Art Design
25% discount on rack rates. Not combinable with other promotions or discounts. Discount applies only booking directly at the website. Discount code: HBRITANICO      

Pedragosa Sierra & San Ciro

Ph.: 4249 2122 ext. 800

C.: 095 877444 (Wpp)   

Costa Colonia
30% discount on available rates or rack rates (not combinable with other promotions or discounts). Discount applies only booking directly at the website. Discount code: HBRITANICO     

Joaquín Torres García 1102 & Rambla Costanera.

Ph.: 4522 3097 ext. 700   

Yoo Punta del Este
10% discount on web and rack rates + late check out. Apartments designed by Philippe Starck. Each apartment has a different design and could be rented by day, weekly and fortnightly.  Not combinable with other promotion or benefits. Subject to availability.  Period: March, 1st – November, 30th      

Av. Roosevelt & Stop 8, corner Oslo, Punta del Este

P.: 4249 8392

C.: 097 359227


Ciudadano Suites
25% discount on flexible rate. Not combinable with other promotions. Special rates and conditions on extended stays for The British Hospital members. Early check in and late check out with no charge, subject to availability. 10% discount on our restaurant “SHISHA”.  

Goes 2297 (in front of Terminal Tres Cruces)

Ph.: 2403 0201

C .: 097 439673





10% Discount on our Web rate. Early check in and late check out (subject to availability). Parking (subject to availability). 

Hampton by Hilton Montevideo Carrasco Ph.: 2603 3333,

Hilton Garden Inn Montevideo Ph.: 2623 8000,

Soro Montevideo Curio Collection by Hilton Booking: Ph.: 2710 8000,


Hotel del Lago
37% discount. Exclusive benefit for British Hospital members.The discount applies on weekends, for a mínimum period of 2 nights, and in special dates for a mínimum period of 3 nights. (Maximum 2 rooms per British Hospital member) Non refundable rates. Not combinable with other promotions. Applies only booking by: with the code: 2020HSTBR0714 

Km. 116 of Interbalnearia´s Route, Costanera Laguna del Sauce / Punta Ballena (Maldonado)

T.: +598 42 577 444 IG.: hoteldellago

Victoria Liguori
20% discount on their products on leather goods and cloth (Except pyjama´s line) on the main store. Business hours: 11:00am to 07:00pm.

Coronel Alegre 1324 & Charrúa (Pocitos).

Ph.: 2705 3553

C.: 098 111606


40% discount on technical service and repairs (does not include spare parts), 20% discount on individual courses. Special benefits for companies on monthly technical service (paying cash).     

Rambla T. Berreta M 57 S 11 (San José de Carrasco)

Ph.: 2682 7600

Círculo Informático (Parque Batlle)
30% discount on the total value of the course paying cash or credit card (1 or more instalments). 20% discount on the total value of the course paying in monthly instalments in cash. Courses: office, computing for the elderly, graphic design and Web, systems and PC repair.    

Av. 8 de Octubre 2706 & Av. Gral. José Garibaldi

Ph.: 2487 5123


Escuela Francesa de Negocios
Training in foreign trade, marketing, digital marketing, logistics, human resources, labour legislation, among others. 15% discount on the courses instalments and 20% discount paying cash on regular courses. 15% discount on seminars and workshops.  

Independencia´s square 848, 1st floor.

Ph.: 2903 2827    

25% discount for new students on initial education (Walkers, 2, 3, 4 y 5 years old), school and highschool up to 3rd year. 30% discount on 4th, 5th and 6th year of high school.   

Solano Antuña 2618

Ph.: 2710 2572

C.: 095 595734    

Círculo Informático (Parque Batlle)
30% discount on the total value of the course paying cash or credit card (1 or more instalments). 20% discount on the total value of the course paying in monthly instalments in cash. Business administration, Secretarial studies, Marketing, Human Resources, Foreign Trade, Logistic, Accounting and Memory, and Exam preparation for highschool.   

Av. 8 de Octubre 2706 & Av. Gral. José Garibaldi

Ph.: 2487 5123


Queen´s School
10% discount on monthly instalments on initial education, school and high school up to 3rd year of high school. Additional 10% discount paying cash the annual payment. 10% discount on the monthly instalments for each sibling. All the discounts are accumulative up to 30%. Details of the educational proposal on the website and Facebook. 

Libertad 2730, Montevideo.

Ph.: 2709 6500

FB.: QueensSchool.UY  

15% discount on the monthly fee and enrolment fee exoneration. Music School aimed at children, youngers and adults. Artistic directors Christian Cary and Mariana Labrada. Details of the educational offer on the website and Facebook Fanpage.      

José Ellauri 456 (Punta Carretas)

C.: 091 021199

FB.: DeTrés - Escuela de Música  

Escuela de Naturopatía del Uruguay
10% discount in all 2021 courses. Naturopathy career, degree in Bach flowers, homeopathic pharmacy, familiar naturopathy, natural product advisor, ethnobotany, infusion to heal and share.

Yaguarón 1407 & Colonia, Professional´s tower, 6th floor Of. 611.

Ph.: 2900 7215

C.: 097 98702

Escuela Cronos Montevideo
Intensive courses and workshops for labour insertion: hot stone massages, suction cups application, lymphatic drainage, sport and relaxing massages, among others. 20% discount paying cash (no debit) and 15 % discount with credit cards on workshops and courses.

8 de Octubre 2355 & Br. Artigas, Congreso´s tower office 102

C.: 096 749387

Dickens Institute
30% discount on all in-person courses of English and Portuguese. Enrolment fee exoneration.   

21 de Setiembre 2744 

Ph.: 2710 7555  

International House
50% discount on the basic rate on regular courses.  English, English for: doctors, nurses, administratives, customer service, legal English, Financial English. Portuguese, specific Portuguese, Italian, French, Chinese, Korean, among others. 30% discount on Spanish for foreigners.  Consult for more discounts on careers (Spanish teacher courses as a foreign lenguage, English and Portuguese teachers courses and translation).     

 Av. Brasil 2831

Ph.: 2709 6774

F.: 2709 0297   


The English Institute
20% discount on english courses and programmes.   

Roque Graseras 708 & Solano Antuña

Ph.: 2711 5529   

Enrolment fee exoneration. Early Education Center. A place to create playing. Kids between 0 to 5 years old. Reduced groups, interdisciplinary teamwork, physical education, music workshops, swimming, vegetable garden workshop, plastic workshop, English, campsite, parent’s workshops.   

Pte. Batlle 2727 & Ricaldoni

C.: 099 593571

FB.: JardínJardinar

Espacio Lúdico
15% discount on the Pre-kindergarten, Kindergarten and Nursery school enrolment fee. A centre that emphasise on the comprehensive development of the child (cognitive capacity, motricity, emotional, social and expressive). Provides different adapted areas to play, grow, develop and deploy their potential. Multi area proposal. Extended working hours.  

Ph.: 2622 5244

Demóstenes 3487, Ph.: 2622 5244

Brito del Pino 1519, Ph.: 2707 6818   

15% discount on all their products (not combinable with other promotions or discounts).   

Montevideo Shopping, store 239, Ph. 2622 0575

Portones Shopping, store 250, Ph. 2601 7755

FB.: Joyeria.revello

IG.: @revellojoyeria

TWT.: @JoyeriaRevello

Regalos Go
15% discount on all their products. Online toy store for children. Shipping all over the country. Discount code: sociosHB. Not combinable with other promotions.     

C.: 095 450124

FB.: /regalosgoo


Lego Store
20% discount on all their products. Not combinable with other promotions.     

Montevideo Shopping, store 405

Ph.: 2623 5993

FB.: LEGOuruguayoficial/

Licorería Preciados
10% discount on all their products, paying cash or credit card. Companies gifts, international liquors, whisky, wine, champagne, chocolates, gift shop, tinned food, among others.     

San José 971

Ph.: 2908 4214, 2901 7498

FB.: Licoreria Preciados  

Café Jurado
Devoted to artisanal and naturally-roasted coffee production (With no added sugars). In all presentations, grain, braking, and capsules. 15% discount on coffee and 10 % discount on other products.  

Acevedo Diaz 2028 between Hocquart & General Pagola C.: 093 554716   


Cuentas Claras
The aim of the company is being a tool that simplifies management of housekeeping services in an agile and professional way, with the utmost confidentiality. Benefit: 10% discount on the monthly fee during the first 6 months.   

C.: 099 669439


Estela Jinchuk
2x1 on personalized multifocals lenses and personalized multifocals. 25% discount on prescript eyeglasses (lenses and frames). 25% discount on non-disposable contact lenses. 15 % discount on sunglasses, low vision aids, ocular prostheses and disposable contact lenses.      

Sarmiento 2494 & Franzini, Ph.: 2712 3525

Sarmiento 2507 & Franzini (contact lenses), Ph.: 2712 4644

26 de marzo 3493 & Luis A. de Herrera (Buceo), Ph.: 2623 2280

Avda Arocena 1656 & Schroeder (Carrasco), Ph.: 2606 1576

Punta Carretas Shopping, store 203, Ph.: 2714 5888

Calle 20 between 27 & 28, Punta del Este, Ph.: 4244 9741/42

Punta Shopping, store 245, Ph.: 4248 3234

Tres Cruces Shopping, ground floor 2402 7100 

FB.: OpticaEstelaJinchuk

IG.: OpticaEstelaJinchuk

40% discount on complete and prescript eyeglasses. 10% discount on non-disposable contact lenses. 20% discount on annual set of disposable contact lenses and the first pair with no charge.     

21 de Setiembre 2864

Ph.: 2710 5662



25% discount on complete and prescript eyeglasses (frames + lenses). 15% discount on magnifying sunglasses (frames + lenses). Discount apply on all their eyeglasses and lenses brands.   

Zelmar Michellini 1340

Ph.: 2900 6035  

30% discount paying by cash or credit card.   

Colonia 972

Ph.: 2900 0009, 2902 2787  

Offers on lenses and frames (complete eyeglasses) 15% discount paying cash or debit, and 10% discount paying by credit card up to 3 instalments. On sunglasses, a 10% discount paying cash or debit.     

Av. 18 de Julio 1530 & Tacuarembó, Ph.: 2409 2407

Morales 2560 bis. & Av. Italia, Ph.: 2487 8297


17% discount on all their products.  Not combinable with other discounts.   

Sarmiento 2601, Ph.:27114393 C.: 097 221032

Geant store 28, Ph.:26015553 C.: 097 220517

Zelmar Michelini 1311, Ph.:29003127 C.: 097 220893




Special discount. Different promotions every month plus a 25% discount with medical prescription on personalized multifocals Varilux, paying cash. 2x1 on the purchase of lenses and frames, subject to availability (power up to ± 2)   

Av. 18 de Julio 1592

Ph.: 2409 4006, 2409 7313  

15% discount. Contact lenses for keratoconus and high astigmatism in 48 hours.   

Ph.: 2900 7149, Colonia 1159

C.: 091 844995

20% discount on lenses and 30% discount on complete prescription.

Av. Brasil 2481 & Simón Bolívar atention in the store or delivery.

Ph.: 2707 9733 for availability

C.: 099 671237

FB.: /opticamera   


Del Sol
20% discount. With the purchase of eyeglasses (lenses and frames), white or coloured lenses with the same power for free. Not combinable with other promotions.    

Av. 8 de Octubre 3469 bis

Ph.: 2506 5452   

15% discount on frames and lenses. Conventional eyeglasses, contact lenses and sunglasses.   

Av. 18 de Julio 1758 & Gaboto

Ph.: 2402 6406

C.: 099 220222  

20% discount on conventional eyeglasses and 10% discount on contact lenses.   

Colonia 1602, Ph.: 2402 4971

Soriano 1258, Ph.: 2900 2000

Ellauri 657, Ph.: 2711 3231  

20% discount on conventional eyeglasses, for frames and lenses. It also includes sunglasses (except for Ray-Ban brand) and contact lenses (except for disposable contact lenses and cleaning and maintenance liquids).      

Blvd. Artigas 1498 & Palmar, Ph.: 2708 4747

Av. Italia 2539 & Presidente Berro, Ph.: 2486 2380  

30% discount on progressive multifocal lenses (frames included), and eyeglasses for children until 14 years old. 25% discount on monofocal and bifocal eyeglasses (frames included), and non disposable contact lenses. 10% discount on disposable lenses and products for contact lenses; and frames for non magnifying sunglasses. Discount with prescription.     

21 Setiembre 2871

Ph.: 2711 4479  

20% discount on all brands forti complete and prescript eyeglasses and magnifying sunglasses, contact lenses box and exclusive sunglasses brands. 10% discount on international sunglasses brands.

Bulevar Artigas 1514 & Palmar, Ph.: 2709 1426

Av. 18 de Julio 862, Ph.: 2903 4130

Avelino Miranda 2609, Ph.: 2484 5311

Costa Urbana Shopping, Ph.: 2683 8191

Nuevocentro Shopping, Ph.: 2201 3111

Portones Shopping, Ph.: 2601 7782

Tres Cruces Shopping, Ph.: 2401 8099

Punta Shopping, Ph.: 4249 2002

Bulevar Artigas 1457 & Rivera, Ph.: 2400 7078

Montevideo Shopping, Ph.: 2622 0534

Punta Carretas Shopping, Ph.: 2711 0752

Las Piedras Shopping, Ph.: 2362 8215

Exclusive benefits for their . 20% discount on prescript eyeglasses (frames and lenses), sunglasses and non-disposable contact lenses. 10% discount on disposable contact lenses and liquids and accessories.  

Bv. España 2746 & Av. Sarmiento (Pocitos), Ph.: 2712 1357, C.: 096 403594, Parking for clients on Francisco Aguilar 863.

Av. 18 de julio 1240 & C. Quijano (Centro), Ph.: 2908 0936, C.: 097 129780

Divina Comedia 1622 & Cambará (Carrasco), Ph.: 2600 1635, C.: 097 076706 



Casa Óptica
20% discount on frames, glasses and contact lenses. Not combinable with other promotions. Consults, complete adaptation with no charge for soft and gas permeable contact lenses (specialized in keratoconus). Parking: Obligado 1003   

Obligado 937 between Carlos Berg & Sarmiento

Ph.: 2712 5050



25% discount on prescript frames plus graduated lenses. 25% discount on “gas permeable” contact lenses or soft contact lenses of long-term use. 15% discount on sunglasses and contact lenses cleaning solutions. 10% discount on disposable contact lenses. Free Parking in front of the store.  

Julio Herrera & Obes 1318

Ph.: 2902 0032

C.: 098 974410

FB.: carrauoptica

IG.: optica.carrau

10% discount on orthopaedic products: corsets, belts, splints, back suspender, PVC plantar, leather plantar and custom-made shoe soles, therapeutic socks, among others. Discount applies only with British Hospital prescription.   

Mercedes 1598

Ph.: 2401 4491

Fem S.R.L
Offers 20% discount on rented articles, 15% discount on the purchase of articles, 5% discount on the purchase of used articles.  Paying in any of our branches up to the due date, of the rented article. Hospital beds and lift accessories are not included.      

Br. Artigas 2830, Ph.: 2481 1818 C.: 099 483828 (Wpp)

Av. Centenario 3155 Ph.: 2481 5657, 2481 9553, C.: 099 469323 (Wpp)

Av. Giannattasio Km.18.200 South, Ph.: 2682 7700, 2682 7373, C. : 099 585385 (Wpp)

FB.: franco ortopedia

IG.: ortopediafranco


Equimed S.A.
20% discount on renting and 10% on the purchase, of rehabilitation articles: electric beds, wheelchair, shower chair, bathroom assists with or without tyre, walking frames, walking sticks, crutches, anti-crust systems.        

Av. Ponce 1402 between Av. Rivera & Palmar 

Ph.: 2709 1207 ext. 20/21 

Laca Uruguay Prótesis Mamarias
15% discount on breast prosthesis. 10% discount on lingerie, soutiens, swimming suites, lymphedema sleeves, wigs, pre and post-surgery soutiens. They accept orders from BPS (exchange for full prosthesis without cost (Japanese – German) with a percentage difference).   

Br. Artigas 938 & Br. España

Free assessment: 0800 8696

C.: 092 679270 (Wpp)


Ortopedia Autonomía
Specialized orthopaedic, complex rehabilitation, paediatric articles, elderly and rehabilitation. Rent and purchase. Offers consultancy on positioning and assessment with no charge, 15% discount on renting, 10% discount on the purchase.  Discount applies paying cash, by debit or bank transfer.  

Ph.: 2400 8050 

C.: 098 508050 (Wpp)

FB.: Autonomia @ortopedia.rehabilitacion 

Ortopedia Uruguaya
Technical help and rehabilitation equipment. Rent or purchase with delivery with no charge in Montevideo. 10% discount on the purchase of physical rehabilitation equipment. 10% discount on the purchase of medi articles. Special benefits on renting rehabilitation equipment.     

8 de Octubre 2532

Ph.: 2481 9596, 0800 8513   

Ortopedia Bergantiños
20% discount on sporty and daily orthopaedic plantars. 15% discount on general orthopaedic products. Discount applies only with medical prescription.  Monday to Friday - 8:30 to 12:00hs and 13:00 to 18:00hs     

Chaná 2139 between Joaquín de Salterain & Pablo de María

Ph.: 2400 2739

F.: 2400 2739 ext. 106


NG Import Uruguay LTDA.
15% discount on the purchase of orthopedic articles: electric and manual beds, wheelchairs, crutches, walking sticks, walking frames, anti-sores mattresses, among others. Therapeutic socks: soft, medium and strong compression.

Br. Artigas 2371 & Garibaldi

Ph.: 2200 5058 / 2201 8554

C.: 092 102371

Fisiocare SRL
20% discount on the rent of orthopedic articles: electric and manual beds, wheelchairs, crutches, walking sticks, walking frames, anti-sores mattresses, among others. Coverage in Ciudad de la Costa and Montevideo.

Av. Gianattassio KM 22.700 & Paul Harris

Ph.: 26961754

C.: 092 100417 (Wpp)

Biomechanical study and valuation with no charge. Baropodometry, 3D scanner, stabilometry, posturography, diagnosis and study of 3D footprint, running and march videography, etc. 10% discount on personalized plantars (elaborated with european materials). Robotic and automated plantar`s elaboration (CNC milling machine). Booking by phone or Website. Work hours: Monday to Friday from 8 am to 8 pm, Saturdays form 9 am to 1 pm.

IBIRAY 2293 & Maggiolo - Punta Carretas.

Ph.: 2716 5142 

C.: 094 911683

Casa Ortega
Private styling studio, colour experts and hairdressers. Hands and feet Spa. Makeup. Capillary mesotherapy. Only with previous appointment.  Offers a 20% discount paying cash through all the year. Not combinable with other promotions   

Divina Comedia 1586

Ph.: 2604 4557

FB.: Casa Ortega

IG.: @vivaortega

TWT.: @proortega  


Estudio Ceriani
Personalized assistance and accurate diagnosis for the recovery of the hair and high hairdressing (unisex). 20% Discount on all services on Tuesday and Wednesday (with previous appointment), paying cash and/or credit cards.

Charrúa 2576 & Brito del Pino (Pocitos)

Ph.: 2707 0325

C.: 097 415587

FB.: Estudio Ceriani

IG.: Estudio Ceriani

APU (Uruguayan Psychoanalitic Assosiation)
20% discount on professional fees (plus 10% IVA)   

Canelones 1571

Ph.: 2410 7418   

20% discount on consultation rates. Individual psychotherapy sessions for children, adolescents and adults. Family and couple therapy. From Monday to Friday: 08:30 am to 17:00 pm.     

Canelones 2208 

Ph.: 2408 4985, 2402 2066  

IPM (Psychiatrist and Psychologist Institute of Montevideo)
18% discount on therapeutic consultation rates and other examinations (psychological and pedagogical examinations, among others).     

José Ellauri 1221

Ph.: 2708 8016   

SUAMOC (Uruguayan society of analisis and conduct modification)
15% discount on their available rates.     

Ferrer Serra 2020

Ph.: 2401 5540  


Clinica del Niño - Centro del Adolescente
15% discount on the professional fees (plus IVA 10%).  

Almirante Harwood 6146

Ph.: 2600 0566

F.: clinicadelnino-harwoodcare  

Clinica Prego
10% discount on all their services rates   

Estero Bellaco 2666

Ph.: 2480 0468, 2487 5659

C.: 091 859999


Uruguayan Psychoanalitic Assosiation of Linking Configurations (AUPCV)
20% discount on the price list on individual and family therapy (couple and family)  

Juan Paullier 1129

Ph.: 2400 8025  (Wpp)


Speech therapy and existential analysis centre. Existential psychotherapy and Speech therapy. 20% discount on their rates.    

Francisco Llambí 1410 & Rivera

Ph.: 2628 1024

C.: 093 709966

Clínica Uno
20 % discount on all their assistance areas rates. Diagnosis and treatments: psychology, psychomotricity, speech therapy and psychopedagogy.   

Santiago Vázquez 1115 & Av. Brasil

Ph.: 2706 6195



UPSIT - Psicoterápia
40% discount for adults, couple, adolescents and children.  

Libertad 2879 Office.204 

Ph.: 2709 6742

C.: 091 656026

Centro de Psicoterapia Di Mauro - Davrieux
25% discount on professional fees in psychotherapy and psychodiagnosis for children, adolescents and adults.  

Simón Bolívar 1507 & Pouey

Ph.: 2708 1990

C.: 094 556901 (Wpp)


Centro Alphapsi
20% discount on diagnosis and interventions. Clinic specialized on learning difficulties. Interdisciplinary teams, psychopedagogy, psychology, psychomotricity, phonoaudiology and occupational therapy services.  

Br. España 2590 & Muñoz

Ph.: 2711 5707

Wpp.: 093 947532



IG.: @centro_alphapsi

Centro Interdisciplinario Dar
First Interview with no charge and 25% discount on all consultations. Specialized in: Phonoaudiology, Psychology, Psychopedagogy, and Psychomotricity. Evaluation, diagnosis and treatment for children, adolescents and adults.

Juan Cabal 2207 esq. Juan Arrieta

C.: 093 555327 (Wpp)

Mis Petates
15% discount on all our shops. Not combinable with other promotions, not applies on sale products. 

Bulevar General Artigas 1825, Tres Cruces Shopping 3rd floor.

Av. Dr. Luis Alberto de Herrera 1290, Montevideo Shopping.

José Ellauri 350, Punta Carretas Shopping.

Av. Dr. Luis Alberto de Herrera 3365, Nuevocentro Shopping.

Cambará 1619 bis, Carrasco.

Jaime Zudáñez 2609, Pocitos.

Sarandí 612, Ciudad Vieja.

Wpp.: 091 464619

IG.: mispetates

Carrasco Traslada
10% discount on all their services, all year round, on every vehicle category. Not combinable with other promotions. They accept credit cards and/or debit. Booking 24hs.  

Ph.: 2600 2001, 2484 3746, 2408 9999

C.: 096 121591 (Wpp)


Las Reinas-Residencia del Prado
15% discount on the first three months. Characterised by their personalized service and professional level.        

Juan Carlos Blanco 3323

Ph.: 2303 3883

C.: 099 708522

FB.: lasreinas.prado

Lar Residencial Centre
15% discount on premium room during 30 days for surgery and vascular accidents recovering. LAR is an assisted centre with the only building in Uruguay aimed at the health care and security of the elderly.

Juan Ma. Espinosa 1480 & Asamblea

Ph.: 2614 1010  

La Maison Senior Aparments
15% discount on temporary and permanent residences during the first month (this discount does not apply for less than 30 days residences). Assisted apartments for the elderly. Recuperation floor for convalescent people who need assistance. Nursing 24 hours per day.      

26 de marzo 3322

Ph.: 2623 3232


London House Residencial Rambla
Discount on the fees from 5% to 20% discount, depending on the service and/or room chosen. It has a daytime centre and a holiday programme.   

Rambla Tomás Berreta 6885

Ph.: 2606 0748   


Red Oak Seniors Residence
Assisted residential for the elderly. Long term or temporary stays, surgery recovering and day centre.15% discount on long term stays for the first month. Maximum capacity: 8 residents.       

Mariano Uriarte 6572 & Divina Comedia

C.: 098 691235

FB.: /RedOakCarrasco  


Residencial San Jorge
15% discount on the first two months on permanent stay. 10% discount on temporary stays (minimum of 30 days). Hospital furnishing and nursing 24 hours.  Orthopaedic services with no charge. Psychogeriatric, specialized on palliative care.     

Rivera 2520 & Ponce

Ph.: 2707 2432

C.: 098 236981   


French House Residencia
Monthly discounts from 5% to 15% on room selection, permanent and temporary stays or day care centre.   

Mariano Uriarte 6567, Ph.: 2604 8442

General French 1759, Ph.: 2602 8565



Grupo Life
10% discount on the first monthly fee for all British Hospital members. More than 30 years of experience on elder care solutions, and 19 geriatric centres in different districts of Montevideo. Monday to Friday from 9 to 17 hs. Saturdays from 9 to 13 hs.   

Ph.: 2482 8285

C.: 092 519008


IG.: grupolifeuy 


Lafayette Residencia
20% discount on private room, on recovery, rehabilitation and convalescence. Residential for the elderly with professional personnel. Medical services and nursing 24 hours.  

Soriano 1170

C.: 094 101787


Valle Vilcabamba Residencias
15% discount on the first three months of residence. 10% discount on daily care. Centers that are thought to attend the necessities of their residents and protect the security of them, maintaining the essence and warmth of a true home.  

Harwood’s house: Av. Almirante Harwood 6214.

Carrasco’s house: Copacabana 6815

Malvín’s house: Dr. Alejandro Fleming 1741

Punta Gorda’s house: Palmas y Ombúes 5804

C.: (+598) 95 066822


15% discount on the first two months on permanent residence.10% discount on temporary residence. Offer permanent and temporary residence for adults, post-hospital recovery, palliative care with different therapies, treatments and programmes specially adapted to the specific necessity of the residents.  

Ibiray 2398, (Punta Carretas)

Ph.: 2711 6500

C.: 095 417964

FB.: Centro Alamos

IG.: @centro.alamos

Almendro en Flor
25% discount on temporary stays or surgery recovering and 15% on permanent stays for memberships or close relatives. Priority on waiting list. Almendro is located in a comfortable and warm house in the heart of Carrasco, where the residents are attended by an outstanding team of professionals.  

Av. Bolivia 1364

C.: 098 863669

IG.: almendroenflor_residencial

15% discount per person in lunchs or dinners with less than 15 people. Located in Montevideo´s promenade. Open air terrace and panoramic view.

Mexico´s Republic promenade 5535, Virgilio´s square, Punta Gorda.

Ph.: 2600 8247

C.: 095 049122


Basic alarm system installation with video verification. Central included, keyboard, interior siren, one motion sensor, one sensor with camera incorporated, one magnetic sensor,10% discount on aditionals. Subscription: installation month for free and 6 month with a 50% discount. Includes monitoring and response service. 24 month contract. Benefit available only for new clients, paying the monthly fee by debit or credit card.          

Guarani 1531

Ph.: 0800 2383


Alarm system installation with no charge and a 50% discount on the first 6 months. Instant ADT service with no charge. The discount applies for new ADT clients, paying with automatic credit card debit, subject to geographic coverage.   

Arocena 1626 & G. Otero

Ph.: 0800 8238


G4S Secure Solutions
Alarm system installation with three motion sensors with no charge and 50% discount the first 5 months. Preferencial subscription for residences, with monitoring and response service.

Cufré 2320

Ph.: 2208 9824 ext. 101/106    

First fee with no charge. From the 2nd month: up to 20 months with important discounts. Subject to promotion conditions.         

Colonia 851

Ph.: 0800 4584  

Premium plan (grandparents, parents and offspring). Includes: sanatorium services with no day limits, domiciliary internment, medical consultations, nursing acts, ambulance transfers, medical messaging procedures. All these services included paying a single monthly fee. 20% discount for 1 year (paying with automatic debit).            

Blvd. España 2476 

Ph.: 0800 2902

C.: 095 885240    

Family plans up to 65 years old for 8 and 16 hours, paid only by holder, includes convalescence cares with no charge. Immediate coverage according to contract and coverage against contingencies. 50% discount during the first 4 months. Personalized budget according to each necessity. Personalized attention by an account manager.     

Plaza Independencia 1378 10th floor

Ph.: 2903 0293  

50% discount on all  plans for the first 6 months and 25% discount on the next 8 months. The benefit will not be lost because of the use of the service. First activity with no charge in 'Tardes Montevideanas y Actividad Física' services. Consult about coming outings and trips.     

Blvd. Artigas 1962

Ph.: 2480 1212

C.: 094 120000  

Pulso Acompañantes UCM
Immediate rights from the first day of affiliation. The approval depends on medical evaluation. Consult benefits for family plans. Up to 50% discount on traditional plans. New plan 5 days, 8 hours in sanatorium, exclusive plan for Hospital Scheme members.   

Rambla República de México & Av. San Marino. 

Ph.: 2604 0404

Junto a ti
50% discount on the fee until the use of the service, in sanatorium plans with highly qualified personnel. The antiquity in others companies is recognized. Immediate coordination.

Constituyente 1467 Of. 906

Ph.: 2916 6313

10% discount on Hogar Protegido product, and special benefits for members under 50 years old. Consult them for special benefits.

Cuareim 1500

Ph.: 0800 5755

FB.: Vigilia Compañía y Enfermería


10% discount on fumigation, plague control, rodent insects. Enabled by the MSP. No charge: diagnosis and budget.     

Ph.: 2487 2242, 2480 1292

C.: 091 292961



Equimed S.A.
20% discount on renting and 10% on the purchase of rehabilitation articles: electric beds, wheelchair, showerchair, bathroomassists, walking frame, walking stick, crutches and antiscalers systems.     

Av. Ponce 1402 between Av. Rivera & Palmar 

Ph.: 2709 1207 ext. 20/21



Linde Uruguay Limitada
15% discount on the price list for oxygen therapy. 5% discount on products of the following line: Sleep, Ventilation (CPAP, BI-PAP, and Mask).     

Paysandú 1034

Ph.: 0800 4050

Virginia Ons Maternales
15% discount or special benefits on renting breast pump, lactation accessories, acrylic cradle and digital weighing scale.     

Ph.: 2600 9559

C.: 099 667343

IG.: articulosmaternales  

Fem S.R.L
Offers a 20% discount on the rent of articles, 15% discount on the purchase and 5% discount on the purchase of used articles. Paying in their branches up to the last day of the rental.  Hospital beds and winches with no discount.     

Br. Artigas 2830, Ph.: 2481 1818 C.: 099 483828 (Wpp)

Av. Centenario 3155 Ph.: 2481 5657, 2481 9553 C.: 099 469323 (Wpp)

Av. Giannattasio Km.18.200 South, Ph.: 2682 7700, 2682 7373 C.: 099 585385 (Wpp)

FB.: Franco ortopedia

IG.: ortopediafranco

Productos para Lactancia
10% discount on renting lactation equipment. Purchase and rent of breast pump. Delivery with no charge.   

C.: 098 634553 

The Economist Internacional
Special discount on the annual subscription to the magazine The Economist Internacional.     

Ph.: 2711 7194

C.: 094 412936  

Petit Gourmet
Cooking workshops for children. 15% discount on cooking and vegetable garden classes for children from 3 to 10 years old     

El Viejo Pancho 2552   

Tarjeta Anual Bonificada
With the British Hospital´s member card, you will obtain a 31% discount on the annual subscription type 1, with the opportunity of include one companion with the same discount.       

18 de Julio 1618, mezzanine

Ph.: 2402 9017 ext. 0

More information and billboard:   


La Tienda del Té
10% discount. Sale strands, pure and blended tea that come from China, India, Ceylan, South Africa, among others. Also, all tea accessories related to it.   

García Cortinas 2418 & Ellauri, Ph.: 2710 1132

Arocena Mall, Store 8

Mercado Agrícola de Montevideo, Store 26   

Agencia de Viaje J. Campomar
10% discount on packages that would be specify by the travel agency. Check in assistance. Free parking: Parking Juncal  

Buenos Aires 679 

Ph.: 2916 4587

5% discount on travel package (flights + accommodation). This discount does not apply to promotional packages. 5% discount on abroad transfers airport / hotel /airport. 5% discount on cruises. 10% discount on car rental with Avis, Budget, Álamo, or Hertz. 15% discount on land-based circuits in Europe with Special Tours. Room up-grade at the Palladium Hotel Group at Caribbean destinations (subject to availability). Accumulation of Hipermillas Devoto or Puntos MÁS Disco with any purchase at the company. Not combinable with other discounts. Discounts applies to personal purchase at the store or communicating to the telephone 2902 2233.            

18 de julio 856, floor 2.

Ph.: 2902 2233

Branches in: Hipermercado Géant, Devoto Portones Shopping, Disco Punta Carretas Shopping, Hipermercado Disco de Av. Italia, Hipermercado Géant Nuevocentro Shopping, Devoto Punta del Este, Mercedes, Portal Américas and Colonia del Sacramento.