Food in Summer


Summer comes and with it high temperatures, that forces us to change our diet.

"At this time of the year we rather eat fresh, simple and light meals, but we must not forget that they have to remain healthy and nutritive. It is not necessary to change the general structure of our alimentation; but to pay special attention to the needs that may provoke high temperatures, such as greater hydration."

Alejandra Amestoy, Nutrition degree, Nutrition and Diet Department's Head.


What kind of food we should consume in summer?

It is advisable to consume an adequate amount of fluids and prioritize the consumption of food containing it. Fruits and vegetables become protagonists of summer recipes, because of its water content that can reach 95% of their weight, and because they are rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber.


How much water do we have to drink?

The amount of fluids must be enough to compensate water lost and avoid dehydration. It is estimated that the amount of fluid consume for adults it is of two litters per day, in which the best drink is water.


Do we have to be more careful with the food we consume in summer?

At this time of the year we should pay special attention on the manipulation and elaboration of the food. The consumption of raw vegetables and fruit is really frequent in summer, which is why we must be careful of its hygiene so as to avoid food disease. Otherwise, because of the heat, food can be microbiological deteriorated.


Which ones we have to pay even more attention to?

To the perishable food such as milk, meet, eggs, fruits and vegetables; that must be conserved in the fridge until consume.


Any suggestions?

We should take the opportunity of the great variety of fruit and vegetables we have in summer.

•  Fruits as dissert or between meals is the best option.

•  Combine vegetables and cereals (rice, pasta), avoiding the consumption of high fat content food.

•  Choose water as the perfect drink for a good hydration and skin care.

•  To go camping or to the beach, you should think of easy carrying food, for example washed fruits.



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