The British Hospital inaugurated a modern polyclinic


The British Hospital inaugurated a building with eleven floors and three basements, designed and built to meet the most demanding requirements for the provision of healthcare services while maintainig same time the design and functionality standards that characterizes it.

The authorities who attended the inauguration were the Secretary of the Presidency of the Republic, Álvaro Delgado, the Minister of Public Health, Daniel Salinas, the undersecretary of the portfolio, José Luis Satdjian, the General Director of Health, Miguel Asqueta, the General Director of the Junasa, Luis González Machado, of the ambassador of the United Kingdom, Faye O'Connor, and of the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Martín Lema.

 The authorities were received by the General Director of the British Hospital, Walter Pereyra, and by the president of the Board of Directors, Martin Wells, together with those who visited the new polyclinic.

Before the traditional ribbon-cutting, Wells mentioned that “the new polyclinic on Morales Street was built according to the British Hospital needs to progress in the new modalities of healthcare, based on teamwork and on multidisciplinary approach of the professional care that provides to members and users”.

 It is a construction with a contemporary architectural design, an innovative organization of spaces, textures and colors, and beautiful views of the city, perfectly integrated to the environment.

The building has 52 new consulting rooms, all with their respective waiting rooms and designed with the conditions of functionality and comfort that British Hospital members and users recognize and value. It also has the necessary equipment for diagnostic studies and treatments for different specialties.

The president of the Board of Directors of the British Hospital highlighted that "having more space is especially important in times of pandemic, as it facilitates a safe entry, staying and exit of members and users."

"The development of the new infrastructure, is an institutional policy promoted by the hospital's administration department, aimed at generating scientific knowledge to support the top quality medical care providedto its members, is an institutional policy promoted by the Hospital´s management ," Wells reminded.

 In recent years, increasingly integrated work of it´s different specialties and the development of new services were added to this, as medical knowledge progresses and new healthcare needs arise.

Delgado, thanked the British Hospital for "the commitment" to the fight against COVID 19 pandemic from the very beginning, and he congratulated the authorities "for making the decision to invest in these moments of uncertainty" in which " a very strong leadership and commitment are needed."

He recalled the more than 160 years of the hospital history, and defined the new building as “a milestone in a long way of fight for the excellence of the British Hospital´s long journey of struggle for excellence in the country. The concept is about continuous improvement, betting on excellence”, he mentioned.

The Secretary of the Presidency said that the British Hospital is an initiative "not only open to Uruguay but also open to the world" and he also reaffirmed the "pride that Uruguayans have for our health system."

The new 4,500-square-meter infrastructure is added to the adjoining polyclinic, with which it will be connected to the Main Building and to Carrasco Polyclinic, it is equipped with the latest technology and contemplates the environment.

The incorporated technology allows the maximum energy savings, through the use of hermetic double glazing, from a thermal conditioning system through an air curtain on the glass facades and the use of controlled LED lighting, both inside and outside the building, through a regulation system that allows digital control of each individual luminaire or lighting accessory.

The new polyclinic will have an exclusive floor for auditoriums, destined for the use of different academic, training and continuous education activities which are carried out within the framework of the policy that the British Hospital aims to deepen into.

Thus, the British Hospital promotes the development of the two pillars that support the health care it provides to its users: medical education and research.





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