Gyms and specialties enhance the scope of the Physiotherapy Department


Within the framework of the development process of the Physiotherapy Department, the British Hospital incorporated several gyms and modern rehabilitation technologies, in order to offer members and users a comprehensive healthcare, based on interdisciplinary work.

Together with the demands of its members and the evolution of the different disciplines involved, the British Hospital Physiotherapy Department has consolidated the development of several subspecialties and the operation of a team of more than 60 professionals, including physiatrists and athletes, and physiotherapists.

The head of the Department Dr. Marta Arriola, explained that it is a permanent process "which depends on reality, which is changing" and require "to reinvent one´s self", with emphasis on "the necessary creation, development and consolidation of different fields of the specialty or sub-specialties”.

Although Rehabilitation and General Physiatry continue to be the main areas, with the passage of time different sub-specialties have gained space, such as knee rehabilitation, she illustrated.

The development of medical science, the expertise obtained from the joint work of physiatrists and physiotherapists with physicians from different specialties, and the incorporation of specific equipment and technology, were setting the course. Together with the permanent training and updating of its Human Resources.

The development of the Department accompanied the evolution of the demand. Consequently, in recent months, the British Hospital built and equipped several gyms at Málaga Tower, for knee, shoulder and spine rehabilitation.

The Hospital has also inaugurated a gym for Physiotherapy at Carrasco Polyclinic on Bolivia Avenue, together with 4 doctor´s offices where they provide assistance to all sub-specialties, in order to facilitate the access to the service provided.

The Department provides health care both at the polyclinic and at home, in emergencies and during hospitalization, including not only evaluation and diagnosis, but also recovery and rehabilitation.

Arriola explained that one of the areas in which the team she leads works the most is pain treatment. "It is a great chapter of our work that is approached very frequently," she illustrated. She valued having the new facilities "and specific rehabilitation technology", such as "shock waves" that ensure the best results in fewer sessions.

Pulmonary rehabilitation, with specialized technology, postoperative treatment of cruciate ligaments, also with specific technology, a gym specially equipped for the postoperative treatment of lower limbs and another equipped for spinal rehabilitation, were also highlighted by the Head of the Department.

The specialist also pointed out that the British Hospital has "the equipment and the technology for pelvic floor rehabilitation", the origin of incontinence problems that can be present in men and women.

"We have a highly qualified Human Resources, the necessary infrastructure and technological equipment, and a vocation for interdisciplinary work, which ensures an excellent service for our members and users," Arriola concluded.

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