Teenagers and cannabis use

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British specialist assured that "in adolescence there is no safe consumption" of this substance.

The use of cannabis negatively affects the academic efficiency of adolescents, although it is not the path which leads them to the use of other substances, in adolescence there is no safe use of substances and parents should be experts in relationships, but not experts in drugs addiction. These were some of the concepts that Dr. Gabriel Rossi, a children and adolescent psychiatrist and drugs addiction specialist, talked about in the talk-workshop on adolescents and cannabis that he led on the 29th, organized by the British Hospital.

As part of the hospital's initiative to accompany its members in the timely approach of topics that interest them, fifty adolescents and their families participated.

To develop the subject of the invitation, Rossi took as a reference the book ‘’ Adolescents and Marijuana’’, of which he is co-author, together with Miguel Carbajal and Allen Bottril.

Rossi referred to the importance of neurodevelopment, understood as "the brain's ability to form new neural connections and be influenced by the environment." He explained that according to this in life there are "two windows of opportunity", in the stage that goes from birth to 3 years and in adolescence, more precisely between 9 and 14 years.

Regarding genetic influence, he stated that "you cannot change inherited genes, but you can modify the way or frequency in which neurons use a certain gene," a concept known as "epigenetic".

"Early adolescence" is a "time of fast learning and brain development as well as a" period of vulnerabilities and opportunities, "in which there may be" a lot of rushing and little stopping," he pointed out.

He recalled that there are "several types of puberty," which also includes the way the pandemic impacted adolescents, and also "various marijuanas," according to the percentage of THC or psychoactive component of each variety.

Rossi was emphatic stating that '' in adolescence there is no risk-free use '' and he mentioned that the greatest '' problem '' occurs '' at the study level ''. With problematic consumption, recent memory is affected or lost, to which "hypo astonishment" can be added, ending in "a problematic situation". Thus, ‘’ consumption always affects and leads to the decrease on academic performance’’, whether it dropped or the potential is not reached.

Regarding the role of adults, Rossi stated that "parents should be experts in relationships, but not experts in drug addiction," and he said he was not in favor of carrying out the so-called "previa" in their homes. '' Consuming at home is a risk factor '', he pointed out and invited '' to keep the house as a space free of consumption ''.

The specialist disagreed with the assertion that marijuana operates as way which leads to the use of other drugs. ‘’ It is not a free way to other substances, but alcohol is. Everyone who uses other substances are going to drink alcohol, '' he affirmed.

Under the premise of the permanent care of its members, based on the knowledge of their needs, and from the different areas and specialties, the British Hospital carries out initiatives like this one, focused on promoting, preventing and educating about health.



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