The British Hospital lights up in orange to promote safe childbirth

Diario EL PAIS

The British Hospital lights up in orange the facade of its historic building on Italy Avenue, to promote safe and respectful childbirth and the safe care of the mother and the newborn, as part of the World Patient Safety Day, which is celebrated this Friday, 17th of September.

In 2019 it was established that every 17th of September the World Patient Safety Day is celebrated, a date for which on each occasion the World Health Organization establishes a motto and objectives to work on. This year the WHO urged "to act now for a safe and respectful part", under the slogan "" Safe care for the mother and the newborn "".

Established for more than ten years with the aim of promoting actions to improve patients´ safety and reduce the damage that may affect them, the British Hospital was a pioneer in the country when in 2009 it placed a Patient Safety Committee and launched projects and institutional initiatives in the matter.

Since then, the institution has implemented a strategic policy whereby its employees receive permanent training on patient`s safety and the best international practices are adopted for the provision of health services, for example in terms of patient`s identification, prevention of falls and injuries and of infections, safe surgery and effective communication, among others.

Regarding the motto proposed by the WHO for 2021, the British Hospital is also a pioneer in incorporating practices related to the humanization of the moment of birth and in making available to its members a set of actions that give the family containment and a special psychophysical preparation, considering each birth as unique.

The first birth rooms in the country were inaugurated at the institution. The multidisciplinary care staff is highly trained and qualified from a technical point of view, to provide safe care, complying with the quality standards that characterize and distinguish the British Hospital.

The initiative to illuminate its historic facade in orange, which will run until next Sunday and began on Wednesday, aims to draw the attention of those who pass through a central point of the city regarding the importance of patient`s safety.

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