After obtaining the Certification, the British Hospital Mastology Unit will be a Reference Centre

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Together with the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is celebrated around the world every October, the British Hospital Mastology Unit obtained an international certification for meeting the highest world quality standards, focused on the early finding, accurate diagnosis and prompt treatment of breast disease.

With little more than a year of being certified, betting on its innovation and together with this recognition, the British Hospital Mastology Unit is facing a new challenge and is about to become a national reference center in the areas of its specialty, mentioned its director, Dr. Carlitos Arévalo.

One of the main characteristics of the unit led by Arévalo is that it is multidisciplinary. It is made up of a team of 14 professionals from multiple disciplines, including clinical mastologists, general practitioners, internists, gynecologists, radiotherapists, geneticists, imaging specialists, medical psychologists, oncologists, and specialists in oncofertility, oncosexology, physiatry, pathological anatomy, and nuclear medicine. Added to them there is a nursing professional staff specifically trained for the task.

They work in the atheneum and they indicate in every case which will be the most appropriate treatment, and they reach at an individualized therapeutic formulation or recommendation.

Personalized treatment is an essential premise of the unit, which had lot to do with the recognition obtained, to which is added the short time to arrive at an accurate diagnosis and adequate treatment, the individualized follow-up of each patient and the possibility to carry out all the necessary studies, even the most complicated ones at the British Hospital.

To access the International Mastology Unit certification, granted by the International Senology Society, the British Hospital Mastology Unit processed more than 700 consultations and performed more than 150 surgeries, obtaining results in terms of survival equal or even higher than those international ones.

One of the service innovations is the so-called “nurse navigator”, which works as a support for the patient and as a link with all the professionals and the Mastology Unit itself. In addition to providing daily support, the "navigator nurse" provides continuous assistance to the patient regarding all the patient´s needs, when being at the hospital or at home, besides managing all the necessary studies and surgical and non-surgical assistance.

Having obtained the international certification, Arévalo reveals that the next goal is for the British Hospital Mastology Unit to be renovated and to consolidate itself as a “national reference centre to assist breast pathology that is necessary in the country”. He also stated that the unit he leads is aimed at ensuring that all its professionals have postgraduate training in Mastology.

"The training of our human resources is a permanent policy of the hospital, absolutely necessary to access and keep the level we want to be in," he stressed.

Dr. José Cossa, Dr. Carlitos Arévalo, Dr. Gustavo Febles, Dr. Rosario Guecaimburu, Nurse Graduate Gabriela Méndez, Dr. Luis Praderi.


Dr. José Cossa, Dr. Carlitos Arévalo, Dr. Gustavo Febles, Dra. Rosario Guecaimburu, Lic. Enf. Gabriela Méndez, Dr. Luis Praderi

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