World leading technology for laser surgery

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The British Hospital incorporated True-Blue Laser, which allows bloodless coagulation, vaporization and surgery.


The British Hospital incorporated cutting-edge technology for laser surgery and trained professionals abroad from Otolaryngology Department to optimize its use and enhance the benefits for hospital members and users.

The incorporation of this technology, called True-Blue Laser, which allows coagulation, vaporization and bloodless surgery, places the British Hospital at the level of the best specialty clinics in the country and in the world.

Otolaryngology is the medical specialty that treat ear, nose and throat pathologies. It takes care of important aspects for our daily life, such as talking, hearing, breathing, swallowing and balance.

To define their acquisition, doctors Alberto Algorta, coordinator of the Department, and Guzmán Fugasot, traveled to the city of Nuremberg, in Germany, where they were trained in the use of this Laser technology, which is the standard in the world to perform surgical procedures of the specialty, both simple and complex ones.

In the British Hospital they set up a laboratory in which they repeated the training with other members of the Department and led practices with the new equipment.

Algorta highlighted the calling of the British Hospital to stay at the forefront of technology applied to medical care and he recalled that the Department he leads assists "all the areas of the specialty", which will make the benefit even more tangible for members and users.

The department is made up of fourteen medical professionals who provide assistance to adults and children, both in the polyclinic and in hospitalization and emergencies areas, while performing all the surgeries of the specialty.

Fugasot recalled that the one acquired is "a technology widely proven throughout the world." "I consider very important to have known the True-Blue laser factory in Nuremberg, to have compared it with other options and to have chosen it for its specific characteristics," he claimed.

Both professionals emphasized the importance of having worked in the laboratory with the other members of the department and also to start using the technology in surgical block with the certainty that everyone is able to use it correctly and optimize its benefits.

Among the benefits it has a much less invasive modality than surgical methods, morbidity is lower than conventional surgery, and the healing and recovery are also fast.

The department coordinator mentioned that True-Blue Laser optimizes the cutting capacity ensuring maximum tissue coagulation. It also allows the possibility of carrying out procedures with local anesthesia, even in the doctor’s office, and it allows operating in curved areas, and making cuts with minimal tissue damage, compared to other methods.

For Algorta, the capabilities of True-Blue Laser “may be extended to other specialties. It is a technology that directly influences the quality of care we provide to patients, an equipment that is used in the first world. The British Hospital is at that level”, he celebrated.


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