The British Hospital Traumatology at the vanguard of the world

Semanario BÚSQUEDA

The British Hospital Traumatology Department which is a world reference in the specialty, is consolidated as an international and academic University Center focused on professional training and research.

The British Hospital Traumatology Department creates scientific knowledge and trains professionals with international standards which provide an optimal health assistance support for users and members.

Committed to innovation and excellence, the department exchanges information and experiences with the main centers of worldwide reference, it prepares and presents successful cases and systematically measures the results.

The British Hospital Traumatology Department works as a real international academic center, in in the truest sense of the term, focused on excellence in the quality and results of treatments or surgeries.

For decades the team led by Dr. Alberto Fernández, has measured the results of each case to make improvements, explore and specify new ways of doing and generating knowledge for future treatments.

In addition, it is one of the very few in Latin America that has tomography equipment in the operating room, with controlled performance, to see what is being done in real time.

The department developed an innovative way of working, with tangible results, based on the follow-up of each patient after treatment, in order to generate knowledge and even innovations that are adopted and replicated in other centers around the world.

The real time sharing of the anonymized documentation of treatments carried out in our British Hospital and in some of the best international centers is uploaded to a shared database for exchange and feedback with the best specialists in the world.

The knowledge and experience accumulated by the team led by Dr. Fernández allows them to permanently participate in forums, exchanges and international publications in order to always stay updated and collaborate in the best care for patients around the world.

The members of the professional team of the British Hospital Traumatology Department are also experts in the use of colored interactive 3D models for learning and cases discussion. Weekly the team meets and exchanges with the main international references in fractures to remain at the vanguard.

In this way, the department was transformed into a University Center together with the University of Montevideo.

In addition to the permanent athenaeums as a work model for practice and research, the department was awarded several times for its level, being considered a world benchmark.

As an example, the distal radius fracture (fist fracture), which is one of the most frequent ones, has been treated for several years at the British Hospital using the volar plating technique, with implants developed by Dr. Fernández. Today, more than 500 interventions have been carried out with complete success using this technique, according to the evolutionary follow-up of each patient.

Likewise, Dr. Fernando Motta leads a knee and shoulder team that stands out for its excellent level in both open and arthroscopic techniques and is an undisputed reference in Latin America in prosthetic knee replacement.

Fernández highlighted the British Hospital support for the department to develop its activities in an environment of academic freedom and excellence in the provision of health services.



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