Cochlear Implant Program

The British Hospital was pioneer in carrying out the first cochlear implant in the country, in an adult, in the year 1994, and in a child, in 1999, and it was also pioneer in the detection of neonatal hearing loss or deafness, for many years before it was required by the law to be done.

It was the first hospital in Uruguay in which universal screening was implemented for each child born, which is extremely important for the detection of hearing loss.

So far, the British Hospital Cochlear Implant Program, has carried out around 500 procedures in the country, so the team has vast experience in the field and the best available technology, in order to optimize results and guarantee the greater safety for the patient.

The program's specialists mention the importance of children acquiring hearing in such a way as to "be able to understand and develop language" and that adults "can recover the ability to understand words and language and manage in the world of sound."

For this reason, early consultation is recommended, that means, going to the otorhinolaryngologist when suffering from a rapid loss of hearing, in case of adults, or when facing disorders in the acquisition and development of language, in the case of children.

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