The British Hospital celebrates breastfeeding


The British Hospital has organized several promotional activities for its members, as well as training activities for Nursing professionals.

It has joined the celebration of World Breastfeeding Week and it has organized a series of prevention and promotion activities for its members, as well as training activities for its Nursing professionals, in order to provide tools that facilitate the right nutrition for pregnant women and their babies.

From Monday the 1st of August until next Sunday the 7th, the Breastfeeding Polyclinic and the hospital's Maternity Service have the initiative which leads to the promotion, information, education and training activities which are being carried out and focused on the importance of breastfeeding.

The British Hospital has also coordinated the acquisition of several milking machines both used manual and automatic from its members and employees, in order to donate them to the Canguro Fundación and the Hospital Pereira Rossell.

Last Tuesday the British Hospital proposed to its members the activity "Breastfeeding in Modern Times", with presentations of the neonatologist Dr. Carolina Forteza and the Nursing graduates Cecilia Acosta and Raquel Grosso, as well as the participation of the graduate in Nutrition Marcela Fernández, where they clarified doubts and provided easy preparation recipes with the necessary nutrients for mothers at this stage.

The participants shared an afternoon snack which was prepared by the Nutrition and Gastronomy Departments. The activity overlapped with the Birth Preparation Course in August, thus future mothers also participated in a raffle of two automatic milking machines, a milk collector and a breast gel kit.

Meanwhile on Wednesday the 3rd, the British Hospital summoned its staff to participate in a training activity under the motto "The importance of support and containment in the puerperium from the Nursing role", by the Psychology graduate Sandra Estellano.

In compliance with the world motto of the week - "Let's promote breastfeeding by supporting and educating”, a series of activities focused on promotion, information and education will continue until next Sunday. Banners were placed in the hospital and in the areas where newborns and infants are cared for; through the institutional platform, and also on social networks a video with information related to Breastfeeding Week was available to members, hospital users and the general public.

It is a matter in which the British Hospital was pioneered by having early a Breastfeeding Clinic which provides personalized care and assistance to mothers, from pregnancy follow up to care during pre-delivery hospitalization, and once the baby is born.

Support for mothers extends even at home, as once they are discharged, they have an exclusive telephone line at their disposal 24 hours a day, and the Breastfeeding Polyclinic receives them weekly to provide support and containment during the entire period in which they breastfeed their babies.

Each month between 140 and 150 children are born at the British Hospital. The work of the Breastfeeding Polyclinic shows very positive results, as more mothers breastfeed their children and for longer. The breastfeeding average, although not exclusive, is between 10 and 12 months, which are aligned with the best results worldwide.




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