Medicine and Physical Rehabilitation Department

Once again, our professionals make us proud.

On this occasion, Graduate Darío Santos, Ph.D. in Medical Sciences, was invited to the twenty-seventh Congress of the European Society of Biomechanics in the city of Porto-Portugal in June, and participated in the "17th” 3D Analysis Human Movement (3D- AHM)" in Tokyo-Japan in July, where he presented researches which were carried out in the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department of the British Hospital with the support of the team, Drs. Marta Arriola, Fernando Motta and Juan Comesaña, who have shown proof of the effectiveness of the of DINABANG achievement in rehabilitation treatments.

DINABANG is a technological innovation that started in the physiotherapy departments of our hospital from the patient-physiotherapist exchange, where both visualized the opportunity to incorporate a device to certain treatments. Darío Santos actively participated in this development which it was created by professors and engineering students of the Republic University, it is patented and nowadays it goes through the main congresses of the world, offered by a Uruguayan company.

The Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation congratulate Darío for these advances, for the innovation support and scientific contribution for the benefit of physical rehabilitation.

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