Commitment to LSQA certified quality


Within the framework of its permanent policy of excellence in the provision of health services, the British Hospital has received the quality certifications obtained by different departments and services of the Institution, in administrative management as well as in direct medical care.

The full execution of a quality management system by the British Hospital will enhance its characteristics and ability to provide services that meet the needs of its members and to adopt the best management practices, with focus on excellence and on its members’ satisfaction.

On this occasion the certifications achieved are part of a process initiated in 2010 by the Gastronomic Services department, aimed at applying the best quality management practices, such as the international design rules and the development and standardized management systems.

Ten years after achieving that first international certificate, the Hospital Scheme Department, HR, the Institute of Highly Specialized Medicine for Bone Marrow Transplantation and Hemodialysis, Endoscopy, Pharmacy, Acquisitions and Supplies, Information Technology and the Mastology Unit obtained their ISO 9001: 2015.

The British Hospital went through a "virtuous process" which showed that "continuous improvement is possible" and set "increasingly ambitious goals, which are being achieved with the best practices" of each area management, said Jorge Arismendi, the CEO of LSQA Uruguay, when he gave the certifications.

He claimed that the target should always be "to have impact in people's life quality", and he explained that this happens as in the British Hospital situation, "organizations are capable of implement this purpose in activities, services that can improve the quality of people's lives”.

The LSQA audit, Alejandra Capurro, allied this vision with "the British Hospital culture, which is in the DNA of each person who works in the Institution: the care focused on the patient, the member, on the warm and human health care, and on health education programs.

“We are proud to see and accompany the consolidation and improvement of the work teams involved, as well as the competence development of the professionals involved, who improve the decoding of patients and their family’s needs, and who are part the levels of excellence required, evidenced by the results achieved in the patient satisfaction surveys and in the results of the management indicators developed”, appreciated Cristopher Golby, the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Other departments and Institution Services – the Technical Direction Department, Cardiology, Emergency Service, Senior Citizen Program, Laboratory, Moderate Medical-Surgical Care, Day Care Department, Hospital Admission Department, Nursing Audit Process and Administration and Finances and Housekeeping Department- are also going through the quality certification process, which will end in the next months.

The excellence that characterizes the British Hospital is based on comprehensive quality management within the Hospital. It is a strategy performed with commitment and conviction by all those who take part of it and feel part of an institutional culture recognized within and outside its boundaries.

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