Patient - centered care


Since 2009, the British Hospital has a Patient Safety Committee and has carried out a strategic policy.

With patient-centered care as the main concept and together with National and International exhibitors as well as the participation of representatives of the health system, both from public and private areas and from the MSP, the British Hospital organized and presented its I Conference on Patient Safety and the III River Plate Seminar of the Collaborative Latin American Forum on Quality and Health Safety.

The aim was to inform and train about a matter in which the Institution is pioneer. "This day is of great importance for our organization, patient safety is our mission and our vision, and motivates us to work and improve our procedures overcoming us day by day in the quality of care we provide, explained Virginia Jimenez, Head of the British Patient Safety Committee.

Since 2009 the British Hospital has a Patient Safety Committee which analyses, evaluates and advises the authorities and has also carried out an important strategy where its employees receive permanent training.

” A long time ago we decided to bet on the creation of a safety culture through the path of training as a fundamental tool. Receiving an interdisciplinary team of more than 100 people learning and sharing experiences is very motivating to continue”, reflected Jimenez.

The day began with a conference by Peter Lachman, the Irish Pediatrician Doctor and expert in health services management. The specialist spoke about the "Current Patient Safety" and the "Success aspects to achieve change in patient safety initiatives."

When the Argentine doctor Ezequiel García Elorrio expert in health services management spoke, he talked about "the reality in Latin America in Patient Safety initiatives".

The British Hospital Patient Safety Committee detailed its initiatives and shared the progress of the Institution's implementation of the Planetree team, an initiative of the international organization of the same name which works on the patient-centered care and on the monitoring and accreditation of best practices.

Carlos Valli the coordinator of the Quality and Patient Safety Department of the MSP and Dr. Martín Bazzano from the National Resources Fund, exhibited about the regulatory and Institutional framework.

Jiménez valued this kind of instances with the participation of representatives of the public and private areas, authorities and representatives of the mutual insurance companies and ASSE, as they result in better attention to members and users of the different Institutions.

“Creating safe environments for the attention and for work, directly benefits our patients. The fact that our employees understand and recognize the impact that their actions have on each of our members, makes the service more efficient and safer, she added.

The British Hospital approach is systemic and refers not only to the absence of preventable accidents or injuries from health care attention, but to all aspects related to the patient's stay at the Institution.




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