Greg Mortimer passengers at the British Hospital


Passengers from Greg Mortimer returned to the British Hospital to thank the Institution´s staff for the attention they received.

Karl Schurr and Anne Mc Cluskey, husband and wife both physiotherapists by profession, returned to the country and to the British Hospital to thank and tour the Institution in very different circumstances from those of then.

They were evacuated from Greg Mortimer ship between March and April 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic and in a context of still relative knowledge about COVID 19.

Last month, Karl and Anne found themselves in an emotional embrace with Dr. Gerardo Pérez, who had treated them during their hospitalization.

Along with Dr. Pérez they were also welcomed by doctors Sofía De Betolaza and Marcelo Chiarella who had also treated them, doctor Mabel Mutarelli Technical Director and the Head of Nursing, Mónica Giménez and Silvia Mosegui.

After expressing their gratitude to those who were present for the attention and the treatment received, the couple visited the places in the hospital where they had been hospitalized, to greet and thank those who had treated them.

So Schurr returned to the Intensive Care Unit together with Dr. Pérez. Both recalled those days, from the patient´s vision who has memories as the ones from the medical team who have faced the challenge of a pandemic about which there was not much known at the beginning and of which they started learning as they went through it.

McCluskey, who did not need intensive care attention, but was allowed to stay at the hospital with her husband, appreciated the treatment received, even at the beginning of the pandemic, was in line with the therapeutic recommendations which were most appropriate for the treatment of the disease worldwide.

“In moments when not much was known about COVID they really did the best they could, the best that could be done and they did it well,” Schurr appreciated.

There were anecdotes, hugs, tears and photos.

Schurr highlighted the fact of returning to Montevideo and mentioned that "the most important is to have returned to this hospital to say thanks to your team, for their attention and generosity in 2020, when we had COVID."

"It's nice to come back and say thank you to the doctors, the nurses, the therapists, with whom we shared time every day for three months and who gave us care," added McCluskey.

Both agreed that the British Hospital has a very important place in their lives. They highlighted the technical quality and human warmth of the hospital staff, "their genuine interest" for healthcare and the closeness when following up their evolution.

Huge satisfaction. That they came back to Montevideo and to the British Hospital also means a great gratitude for us. In those uncertain times, we did our best to provide them with the best possible attention. Having seen them fine and melting together into a hug was a great satisfaction, as well as a confirmation of the commitment of all our staff, appreciated Mutarelli.

Faithful to the organizational culture that defines and distinguishes the British Hospital, it maintained its focus on empathy and on the humanization of its medical and non-medical health care attention during the pandemic. The culture of the British Hospital shows on its commitment to provide excellent healthcare, warm and humane healthcare.

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