La Roche Posay Latin America Award

Once again our medical staff fills us with pride.

On this occasion, the Dermatologists Drs. Alejandra Larre Borges, Sofía Nicoletti and Camila Otero together with the Oncologist Dr. Cecilia Castillo won the research contest carried out by La Roche Posay Research Grant Latin America edition 2022.

The project proposes the creation of an interactive mobile application called "JUNTAS" aimed at accompanying and improving the quality of life of patients undergoing treatment for breast cancer. This App allows you to develop a personalized follow-up of each patient by providing tools for the care of the skin, nails, hair and mood.

Additionally, both patients and relatives and friends will be able to access to information of interest to accompany their loved one during cancer treatment. In addition, patients will be able to contact links to cancer patient groups, as well as meditation tools, mindfulness, sites of interest, self-makeup guide, nutrition, and sexuality.

In first instance, the application will be for patients of the British Hospital and the Hospital de Clínicas. Through this tool, patients can report side effects of treatments and communicate with the Dermatology team according to their needs and with the nurse navigator, a specialist in guiding cancer patients throughout the recovery process.

The impulse of the medical team to carry out this project was the frequency of this pathology at the country level and its numerous secondary effects at the skin level, 85% of the patients have effects on their skin.

"Our motivation and commitment in the project was the involvement of the entire team on an emotional level, since we have all directly or indirectly had to face this disease and we understand the importance of helping and accompanying patients and their families to go through all the changes that they occur throughout their treatment" said Dr. Alejandra Larre Borges.

In the future, the team plans to adapt the platform to other oncological diseases, generating a significant dermatological impact when it comes to relieving the side effects of treatment, which will undoubtedly improve the self-esteem, well-being, and general health of cancer patients.


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