The relevance of academic update

24.08.18 Diario EL PAIS

With the participation of renowned regional specialists, a series of scientific-academic activities were carried out. The British Hospital carried out a series of scientific-academic activities, led by referents of the different areas and specialities of the institution. Within the framework of the 8th “British Hospital Week”, the professionals made an update of the latest advances in their respective specialties, shared clinical cases and evaluated the results of different initiatives and experiences. With free and open participation of medical and non-medical health professionals from the British Hospital as from other institutions, from Monday 6th to Friday 10th, the different medical departments of the hospital raised different topics of interest for each day. A novelty of this last edition was the participation of referents from other countries of the continent. “The enthusiastic support of the British Hospital authorities, from the General Direction and the Technical Direction to each one of the departments, allowed us to count on the valuable participation of foreign experts”, pointed out Dr. Juan Carlos Bagattini, promoter and coordinator of the “British Hospital Week” since its origins. For the activity, which was organized with the support of the hospital’s Continuing Medical Education Committee, the different departments proposed thematic axes for which the main Uruguayan references in each of the specialties were invited to make a presentation, which were joined by specialists of continental relevance. “During the conferences the hospital can show and share its areas of interest, in and out, with the participation of its own doctors, colleagues from other institutions, as well as the University of the Republic’s Medicine Faculty and of the CLAEH’s heads”, summarized Baggatini. The Uruguayan professionals were joined by Dr. Martin Ortiz, president of the Argentine Federation of Cardiology’s Cardiology Comitee and Researcher of the Juan Canalejo Foundation, from the city of Rosario, and Gustavo Castagneto, general surgeon at Guemes Sanatorium, in the city of Rosario. Buenos Aires. On the seminar dedicated to the “multidisciplinary approach of lumbar pain”, participated internists, traumatologists, imaging specialists, physiatrists and physiotherapists and by videoconference Dr. William Micheo, specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of the University of Puerto Rico’s Faculty of Medicine. Dr. Luiz Mauricio Almeida, professor of Dermatology at the Faculty of Medical Sciences of Minas Geráis, Brazil, participated at the last seminar, dedicated to “Updates on rosacea and acne in adult women”. The “British Hospital Week” is celebrated annually at the request of the professionals of the institution. The objective is “the update of the doctors in subjects of assistance interest that develop the different departments, areas or services, or a combination of them”, summarized Bagattini. Precisely, the multidisciplinary approach was one of the focuses of this latest edition, in line with the institutional policy promoted by the hospital management, to support the best level of assistance quality in the generation of knowledge and the increasingly integrated work of its different medical specialties.

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