Diabetes concerns every family


In the context of the World Diabetes Day which celebration took place last Wednesday, November 14th, the British Hospital carried out a series of awareness, education and prevention activities, aimed to members and patients, minors and adults, under the slogan “Diabetes concerns every family”.

By this, the British Hospital contributed to the world campaign that, for this year and the following, set as goals to increase the consciousness on the impact that diabetes has over the family and support network of those affected by the disease and to promote the families’ role on management, care, prevention, and education on diabetes.

Over 425 million people around the world suffer from diabetes, most of them from type 2 diabetes, which can be prevented by regular physical exercise, healthy and balanced diet and the promotion of healthy habits.

Families hold a key role on dealing with modifiable risk factors and because of this the British Hospital carried out blood pressure and capillary sugar level controls, and also made a survey on eating habits focused on breakfast.

The Hospital offered guidance on healthy eating habits to those who participated, and they were provided with information on the topic. Fun and recreational activities for children were also held, in which sugar free cookies were given to the young participants.

Also Hospital staff members participated in a workshop on “insulin pump management” held by professional doctors and nurses.

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