A Haemodialysis centre for all the community with the British Hospital’s quality standard.

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The British Hospital makes available to the entire community a Haemodialysis Centre that assures the users their characteristic high quality standard on health care services.

The British Hospital’s Haemodialysis Centre is a Highly Specialized Medical Institute (IMAE), denomination validated by the Fondo Nacional de Recursos (FNR) that enables the treatment “by haemodialysis of all those patients suffering from extreme chronic kidney disease, without any distinction”, this is, being or not members from the British Hospital’s institution, explained its director, Dr. Juan Fernández Cean.

The specialist recalled that for every case, the practitioner sends a report to the FNR informing that somebody is in need of haemodialysis, after which in the vast majority of cases the treatment is decided to be funded.

Fernández estimated it as a “health control” as the “chronic or severe kidney disease is confirmed and evaluated, by reading the medical record and visiting the patient, checking whether he or she benefits from the treatment with a reasonable life quality”.

By the request form the patients agree to the treatment, declares knowledge over the risks that it carries and informs the IMAE about where they want to be treated. “One of the values of the system is the patient’s possibility to choose”, highlighted the British Hospital Haemodialysis Centre’s director.

The main criteria for the choice have to do with many aspects, as well as objective as subjective, like the distance of the patient with the IMAE, the belonging to a certain institution and the trust on a place to which the patient will have to go many times a week.

A little more than a year and a half ago, the British Hospital’s Haemodialysis Centre was relocated on Bahía Blanca Street, a few meters away from the institution’s main building. For this reason, a new building was remodelled taking into account the specific requirements for the service.

The centre has a capacity for 54 patients and a nurse staffing of one each three patients, much above the recommendation from the Public Health Ministry of one professional each four patients, in accordance with the nurse staffing that sets the quality standards that the British Hospital assures on all its services.

Nurse María Eloísa Steranka, the Haemodialysis Centre coordination manager, revealed that 45 patients, coming from both the private and public sections, are nowadays receiving their treatment at the centre.

She pointed out that “although the procedure or routine is similar in all cases, each patient has its own plan that varies according to the evolution and follow up” as well as the subjective aspects of the assistance. “Each patient has his own television, headphones, Internet access in order to be able to use their computers, breakfast, lunch, and optionally an afternoon snack or dinner”.

“The assistance obeys the British Hospital’s excellence criteria, the bonding and support beyond what just medical is greatly important”, summarized Fernández.

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