Heart Week


From Monday 28th of September to Friday 2nd of October our country celebrates the XXIV Heart Week, which is established in relation to the World Heart Day, annually celebrated every 29th of September. Educating and promoting healthy lifestyles is a point of continuous attention to the British Hospital healthcare team. Within its regular activity program for Hospital Scheme members, the Hospital develops: - Health Educational Groups and Courses on Stress Management: courses taught by an interdisciplinary team of professionals in which Cardiologists, Licentiates in Nutrition and Licentiates in Psychology are involved. - Planning Healthy Menus Workshops and others especially aimed at Hypertensive patients and population at risk, headed by the Licentiate Nutritionist Maren Torheim. - Culinary workshops for children in the category of Petit Gourmets, in order to educate our members in healthy eating habits from an early age. This year, under the motto “Follow your heart, choose the healthy way”, the Hospital celebrates the Week Heart with an extension of activities which intend to situate the risk of suffering cardiovascular diseases as preventable risks. Aiming to introduce our members in the subject, in Morales Polyclinic Hall they will be given the opportunity to have an initial diagnostic consultation for blood pressure measurement, and body mass measurement (IMC), by the staff of Nursing, Nutrition and Diet Therapy areas. On the other hand, in the children´s corner the little ones will be having fun with allusive plastic activities and they will be invited with a delicious heart-healthy afternoon snack. We hope you join us!


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