World Thrombosis Day

On October 13th is celebrated the World Thrombosis Day, propelled by more than 200 organizations in 60 countries all over the world, under the direction of the International Thrombosis and Haemostasis Society (ISTH). Thrombosis TEV is a deadly disease that can be avoided and which affects millions of people around the world. 60 percent of the thromboembolic events occur during or after hospitalization, being the leading preventable cause of morbid mortality in hospitalized patients. In this context the British Hospital thromboprophylaxis´s committee which was established in 2010, is actively working on the health team sensitization, warning about the high prevalence of venous thrombolytic diseases in hospitalized patients and in the severity of its adverse consequences. In 2011 it published a Clinical Practice Guide and it also established the Score Caprini (diagnostic form) in daily clinical practice. The proposed target for this world commemoration is to raise public awareness about the risks of venous thromboembolism TEV in hospitalization. Preventive and informed intervention of the patient is also essential. On the World Thrombosis Day, The International Homeostasis and Thrombosis Society besides the network of partner organizations, encourage people to participate in the control of their health through an active attitude in order to prevent life-threatening blood clots: Know the risks factors TEV, including hospitalization, surgery and disabilities. • Ask your doctor about your risk of getting TEV if you are going to come to the Hospital. Know the warning signs TEV and try to find immediate medical attention.

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