The best practices in anaesthesiology

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Along with the adoption of the best practices in psycho-prophylaxis and the latest technology available, the British Hospital ensures its members an excellent anaesthesia, which minimizes the impact of sedation on children and improves the period of time and quality of recovery.

"We do surgeries in which the child doesn’t feel pain at all. They spend the postoperative period with their parents and leave twenty four hours later, as if they didn’t have any surgery at all, "said Dr. Alberto Sánchez, Head of the Anaesthesiology Department at the British Hospital, to explain the progress in anaesthesiology and the consequent benefits for the patient.

"We perform anaesthetic techniques with which a great surgery can be done, a major surgery, from which the child can come out awake and without pain. And with small doses of local anaesthetics, they can spend the entire postoperative period and go home 48 hours later without ever having felt pain, "he added.

Sánchez celebrated that the British Hospital accompanies the permanent evolution of the discipline’s requirements. "We have the best technology, such as ventilators for lungs at full development stage which mustn’t be injured, or ultrasound scanners to make regional blockades," he explained.

"We’re on a very important project, the electronic medical record. In a few months it will become a reality to make the patients’ medical record on a monitor touch screen, a summary of what we’re doing, and everything happening to the patient, the heart rate, breathing will be registered on it at the moment, "he said.

The specialist stated that "in order to have a good recovery, it’s important that the last thing you see before falling asleep is your parents, your dad and your mom, taking you by the hand, that the first thing you see when you wake up is your dad, holding you in his arms, and not having pain during the whole procedure. That’s technology at the service of our way of working and that’s what we’re doing. If I don’t have the technology, I can’t do that, "he stated.


Toy ´s cars

Since a few weeks ago, the British Hospital has "toy´s cars" which allow the little ones to move from the paediatric ward to the operating room in a playful way, reducing stress levels and levels of fear and anxiety which are typical of the operating process.

Children between 2 and 7 years old have the possibility of moving in a "car" from the paediatric ward to the surgical block, always in company of their parents.

The British Hospital, having been pioneer in the 90s’ in allowing the presence of parents with their children until the anaesthesia, returns to innovate with the aim of reducing stress before the surgery, by allowing them to be distracted and relaxed, in a fun way. The initiative was very well received by the families, who appreciated the experience.

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