Worldwide referent in Paediatrics visited our country

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A hundred doctors from our country and the region participated in the course about Anorectal Malformations in Paediatrics, which was dictated by professor Alberto Peña, who also performed two interventions at the British Hospital’s operating room, one of which was transmitted by closed circuit to the auditorium television.

Peña arrived to our country from the United States along with his wife Dr. Andrea Bischoff, being together the director team of the International Centre for Colorectal and Urogenital Care Children’s Hospital Colorado.

Being both of them worldwide referents in the treatment of these pathologies as well as in surgeons’ training for the management of these malformations, they operated on the 2nd and 3rd of July two kids of eighteen and four months of age. The first one was a member from the British Hospital and the second was from ASSE, who received the surgery and the hospitalization at no charge. Both surgeries were successful.

“Professor Alberto Peña and Andrea Bischoff’s visit, worldwide referents and experts on new-born’s anorectal malformations, uplifts and strengthens the British Hospital’s Paediatric Surgery” declared Dr Diego Estol on the occasion, Medical Director from the institution.

When presenting them before an auditorium full of professionals, Estol asserted that “on top of their great knowledge, what highlights from their career is the multidisciplinary work and innovation skills, aspects that are milestones for the development of our Hospital”.

Peña’s presence was, therefore, a contribution from the British Hospital to our country’s medical and scientific community. The hundred doctors that participated in the two conferences also included twenty foreigners from Argentina and Bolivia.

Consistently with Dr Estol’s declarations, those who participated in the conferences were Paediatricians, Intensivists, Neonatologists, Paediatric Surgeons, General Surgeons, Colorectal Surgeons and Nursery staff.

The live transmission of one of the surgical interventions to the auditorium and the presentation of clinical cases made easier the formulation of questions as well as the exchange between participants.

The course, that counted with the support from the Uruguayan Paediatric Surgery Society and from the Paediatric Surgical Clinic of the Republic’s University Medical School, “held an excellent academic level, which included the global management of malformations, from its diagnosis up to its follow up in adults, and involved the active participation of the audience during the online transmission of one of the performed surgeries” pointed out Dr. Gabriel Gianini, who coordinated the course along with Dr. Emma Da Silva, both of them members of the team of Paediatric Surgery from the British Hospital.

He also highlighted that “thanks to the British Hospital’s professional attitude and unconditional support it was possible to dictate the course free of cost” and that “all participants emphasised the high level of the course”.


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