A more effective treatment for skin cancer

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The British Hospital obtains excellent results in recovery after the introduction of Mohs technique.

The Plastic Surgery department from the British Hospital got a recovery rate of 99% since they implemented Mohs technique for some of skin cancer types treatment, as its actually done at the main reference medical centres.

The institution started using Mohs Technique for the extirpation of skin tumours in October 2016, and since then it has been permanently applied due to its excellent results and to the fact that they’re aligned with the precedents and the comparative records.

The Plastic Surgery Department made a balance over two years and a half of implementing the technique in the context of the IX British Hospital’s Week, moment in which its professionals annually make an actualization over their respective specialties’ advances, share clinical cases and analyse the different initiatives and experiences.

Dr. Verónica Morales, one of the hospital’s referents from the Mohs Technique team, evaluated as “very positive” the results after its implementation and highlighted that it provided “a recovery rate of 99%”.

Her colleagues, Pathologists María Luisa Musto and Virginia Ortega, underlined that the obtained results were good and are “aligned when comparing to the main reference centres”. The professionals provided information of about 200 cases, mainly women with an age median of 65 years.

The surgeries using Mohs Technique were mainly performed on the regions of head and neck and the mostly affected area was the nose. In every case the recurrence percentage was zero, confirming the already known virtues of the technique for the treatment of the non-melanomas types of skin cancer.

Mohs technique allows the complete extirpation of the tumours while saving healthy tissue, achieving this way better aesthetic results, as well as the preservation of the functionality of the affected area.

The specialists particularly appreciated that by using this technique becomes possible to take into account “the oncological, functional, cosmetic and aesthetic side of the pathology” at the same time.

They also highlighted the great importance of the training the British Hospital’s team received abroad, the teamwork integrated by dermatologists, plastic surgeons and anatomical pathologists and the facilities available at the operating room for processing samples and optimizing the performance of the technique.

The training and compromise of the Human Resources is fundamental in order to ensure success in the implementation on Mohs Technique, as happened in this case. The British Hospital prioritizes its Human Resources, which is its main asset, and permanently trains and updates it in order to keep and expand its excellence policy on healthcare service.



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