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With an agenda full of training activities and the opening of a room for the development of skills through simulation, the British Hospital’s Nursery Department engages with its education politics in order to reach health care excellence. To continuously train our professionals, optimize our health care and provide guarantees about the safety of our patients, are some of the Nursery Department’s main goals.

For this reason, the Nursery School “Isabel Lucas-Calcraft”, focused on the introduction and levelling, will add a room for the development of abilities through simulation, in which they’ll train their personnel in specific skills in the same way as it’s done in the prime reference centres.

The Nursery Department has about 600 professionals. Out of them 200 are graduates and the other 400 are nursery auxiliaries. The Department’s directors, Grad. Mónica Giménez and Silvia Mosegui, lead the educative activities, for which they also have the contributions from a Graduate in Education. The activities involve from capacitation at the workplaces to athenaeums and academic activities about specific topics such as patient’s safety, many times along the Hospital’s medical staff.

“We carry out workshops by areas, athenaeums only for Nursery or along with the medical specialties and we actively participate in different initiatives from the institution”, pointed out the Nurses. The British Hospital’s Nursery Week will have in November its sixth edition.

Since many years ago, the Hospital prioritizes the culture about the patient’s safety. Within this framework, the Nursery Department carries out a monthly athenaeum on safety, from March to October each year. The referents in each area participate in the selection of the topics and they are replicated for each shift, so to cover the 100% of the staff. It’s about learning from previous mistakes and optimizing the use of tools and procedures that we have available.

“We stimulate the general participation and in some cases, particular participation. We have a culture, procedures and protocols that are very important” they pointed out, and added that they aim for “levelling all the nursery staff” orientated to excellence.

For this, practical workshops focused on the acquirement and development of concrete competencies and skills are fundamental. The work with simulation dolls and functioning equipment in disuse from the hospital, will allow to train skills following the protocols that the institution requires and in a very similar environment to the daily work one.

During 2018 the British Hospital’s Nursery Department took ahead 64 training activities, in which participated 161 Nursery Graduates and 309 Nursery Auxiliaries.


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