Teenagers: How to let them grow up without fear?

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The British Hospital will carry out next week its third workshop program with topics and inquiries characteristic to this stage.

In the context of its permanent policy on prevention and health education, the British Hospital will carry out its third Teenagers Program, where subjects of interest for these and their families will be approached.

The workshops will be carried out on Wednesdays 9th, 16th and 23rd of October, and will be focused on topics or concerns brought up by the institution’s members, explained Grad. Ps. Laura Bachetta, referent from the recreation area of the hospital and coordinator of the program.

Under the slogan “Teenagers: letting them grow up without fear” the first workshop will consider the “path to independence” at this age and will approach concepts such as autonomy and soundness of growth. It will be led by Drs. Teresita Sabat, paediatrician, coordinator of the Polyclinic of Teenagers from the British Hospital and Mercedes Pazos, psychiatrist specialized on teenagers from the Department of Paediatric Psychiatry.

The second workshop, will be about alcohol and drugs consumption, led by Paediatric Psychiatrist Gabriel Rossi. This is a topic that has already been approached on previous workshops.

“What position holds screens in playing and socialization environments” will be the trigger of the third workshop, led by Sabat and the Graduate Roberto Balaguer, psychologist specialized on children and teenagers. The specialists will lead activities in which teenagers and their parents will be able to bring up doubts and concerns on the proposed subjects, allowing the exchange of information and experiences. “Educating is a path, the idea is to enable the exchange, leave with more information, with clearer directions, not with magical recipes as these don’t exist”, pointed out Bachetta.

About the initiative of taking ahead an annual Teenagers program, which is reaching its third edition, she recalled that the objective was to generate a “space for teenagers and parents, where specialists on different topics could provide them advise about the changes expected for this period, on a physical and emotional aspect”. The initiative was very well received by the community, among other reasons because it gathers interests, suggestions, worries and concerns that are approached by professionals at the Teenagers Polyclinic. In the end it all about “letting our children grow up without fear, encouraging their self-esteem and also setting limits, in a healthy and enjoyable way”, she summarized, and highlighted the great importance that holds a multidisciplinary approach to the development and changes during adolescence.

The capacity is limited and enrolments are open for all members willing to participate. Through these activities the British Hospital aims to enrich their services, by the approach of its professionals to the families’ daily life, contributing to the improvement of its member’s quality of life and sharing information in order to live better.

Lic. Ps. Laura Bachetta, Referente del área de Recreación del Hospital Británico

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